Former Imagineer Shares Early Concept For Disneyland Attraction

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Gadget Go Coaster Concept

Credit: Jim Shull on Twitter

Early concept designs for Gadget’s Go Coaster were recently revealed online by former Disney Imagineer Jim Shull. See the photos, and why Jim says they didn’t go with the original concept for the attraction.

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Gaget's go coaster
Credit: Disney

Jim Shull took to his Twitter to share a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Gadget’s Go Coaster at Disneyland. Gadget’s Go Coaster is a family-friendly roller coaster themed to Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. Here is how Disney describes the attraction:

Climb aboard a train made of acorns and get ready for a wild ride! Race around the winding track Gadget Hackwrench crafted using oversized “found objects.” Enjoy panoramic views of Mickey’s Toontown on a whirlwind trip around Toon Lake.

Be on the lookout for a happy green frog who likes to spit a stream of water directly over your head!

Rescue Rangers
Credit: Disney

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The original design for the coaster featured a fallen tree, as we can see in the photos below. Shull goes onto explain that the choice was made to remove the tree concept and spend more of the project’s budget on props for the attraction.

Station design for Gadget’s Go Coaster began as a fallen tree and got as far as this yellow foam model before deciding to delete the tree and moving the project budget into designing and producing more props. More show for same budget!

It is fantastic to get a look into the creative process at Walt Disney Imagineering. There must be so many difficult decisions during the design and planning phases of new attractions, just like the choice to remove the tree from Gadget’s Go Coaster that Jim shared.

This is not the first behind-the-scenes look at a Disneyland attraction from Jim Shull. Previously, he shared a look at the creation of one popular Car’s Land attraction which you can read more about here. 

jim shull
Credit: Jim Shull on Twitter

It is fantastic to see these fun behind-the-scenes looks at some of our favorite attractions, and we hope we continue to see Disney Imagineers and Cast Members continue to share their insights with us, the fans!

The Disneyland Resort is open after an unprecedented lengthy closure. You can now visit Disneyland and Disney California Adventure with an advanced online reservation. Additionally, Downtown Disney is open and does not require a reservation to visit.

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