Jaw-Dropping Transformation Turns Girl Into Universal’s E.T. Animatronic

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Credit: Universal (left) @om_makeup_artist (right)

The power of makeup is truly incredible, so much so that any human being can become E.T. if they have the right touch!

At Universal Orlando Resort, the first-ever attraction built was E.T. Adventure. Although many attractions have come and gone over the years, E.T. Adventure remains untouched as well as a fan favorite. The queue is both interactive and spectacular, but the attraction features a unique ride vehicle, especially for its time, and serves as (arguably) Universal Orlando Resorts’ best dark ride. 

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Credit: Universal

Of course, the star of the attraction is E.T., and as realistic as the animatronic may appear, one makeup artist was able to transform themselves into E.T. so well, we would not be able to tell her human body apart from the Universal animatronic!

Makeup artist Noemi (@om_makeup_artist) posted a TikTok where she transformed into an extraterrestrial creature, and it is pretty mind-blowing.

ET, el extraterrestre. #makeup #etelextraterrestre #caracterización #maquillaje #etmicasatelefono #etextraterrestrial #viralmakeup


ET, el extraterrestre. #makeup #etelextraterrestre #caracterización #maquillaje #etmicasatelefono #etextraterrestrial #viralmakeup

♬ Flying Theme (From “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”) – John Williams & London Symphony Orchestra

Noemi utilized lighting and black paint to create the shape of E.T., and the rest of the application required pure skill and talent. She began posting TikToks at E.T., and the internet could not get enough! The TikTok below was viewed over one million times and has been liked by thousands. Considering how incredible this makeup job is, we are not surprised.


☎️? ET. #tiktokmakeup #tiktokspain #parati #fyp #et #extraterrestrial #alien

♬ sonido original – Isäbellä Rämirëz

Noemi did not stop at E.T. in her makeup transformations! If we are sticking in the world of Universal, we have also seen Shrek’s trusty sidekick Donkey come to life. Considering Donkey’s face is not flat like a human’s, this transformation is very impressive.

ASNO, Shrek. #shrek #shrekmakeup #maquillajesartisticos #caracterización #artistsoftiktok #viralmakeup #friday


ASNO, Shrek. #shrek #shrekmakeup #maquillajesartisticos #caracterización #artistsoftiktok #viralmakeup #friday

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

Next up, we would love to see a Shrek (or Fiona) transformation!

What do you think of these makeup looks? Do they blow you away as well?

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