Popular Disney World Attraction Experiences Multiple Closures Today

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Dinoland Ride

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When Guests visit Disney World, there are times when they may experience a temporary closure on an attraction. When a ride has a malfunction, there are instances in which Disney cannot make a super quick fix and will have to close down the attraction for a period of time to correct the issue. 

dinosaur ride at animal kingdom
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Today, it seems that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is experiencing an attraction issue on DINOSAUR. DINOSAUR is a coaster-like dark ride where Guests travel back to the cretaceous period to bring back an Iguanadon.

Although the ride is not one of Disney World’s more common attractions to break down (such as The Haunted Mansion, Carousel of Progress, Rise of the Resistance, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, to name a few), it definitely experiences a temporary closure from time to time.

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This morning, we reported that both Expedition Everest and DINOSAUR closed down temporarily. Both attractions ended up running again shortly after their closure, but DINOSAUR continues to have to close. Considering DINOSAUR is continuing to experience multiple closures throughout the day, there may be more going on with the attraction in terms of necessary maintenance.

That being said, Disney has not yet noted what is causing the closures.

According to WDW Stats (@WdwStats), the ride has not been closed for too long now in terms of this specific closure.

DINOSAUR has been temporarily interrupted. On average, an interruption takes 42 minutes. http://wdwst.at/detail/80010123 #AnimalKingdom #WDW #WaltDisneyWorld #DisneyWorld

Although WDW Stats noted that a closure often takes 42 minutes to resume, there is always the chance that the ride will be working again in minutes, or the closure can last hours or days. It is always important to keep an eye on your My Disney Experience app to stay updated on all attraction closures and wait times.

wait times
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Disney World describes DINOSAUR as:

A Race Against Time
A paleontologist recruits you for a secret mission to bring a 3.5-ton Iguanadon back to the present. There’s just one problem—the giant meteor that wiped out life on Earth is on the way!

Board a rugged Time Rover vehicle and set off on a thrilling adventure through a primeval forest filled with life-like dinosaurs. Careen through unpredictable hairpin turns. Dart around a fearsome Velociraptor hunting for prey. Avoid the clutches of a Cearadactylus soaring overhead!

As the clock counts down, fiery meteors crash down around you. Will you make your escape before the dinosaurs—and you—become extinct?

Is It Too Scary?
DINOSAUR includes loud sounds in the dark and menacing dinosaurs that may scare some children.

Credit: Disney

DINOSAUR was built in 1998, and although the ride has undergone refurbishments in the past, it is likely that the attraction may experience maintenance issues from time to time.

What attraction do you notice temporarily closes often while you are at Disney World?

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