New Cage Now Covers Part of Popular Universal Ride Queue

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Jurassic World VelicoCoaster may be one of the most popular rides to ever open at the Universal Orlando Resort. Even before its official opening on June 10, Guests getting a preview of the attraction waited well over an hour to experience the new roller coaster. Guests who had to wait until June 10 had an absolutely insane wait time of 6 hours.

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Even though VelociCoaster has only been open for a few weeks, some big changes are already happening at the attraction. However, the changes aren’t happening to the ride itself, but the ride queue.

Today, Guests visiting Universal Studios Orlando noticed that a type of cage was now installed over a bridge section of the long Jurassic World VelociCoaster queue. No word has been given as to why the cage is there, but it could be to keep Guests safe from possible objects falling from the roller coaster.

Twitter user Alicia Stella (@AliciaStella) shared images of the new cage with followers.

‘Raptor’ cage added to bypass bridge under VelociCoaster track.

VelociCoaster reaches speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. Even though Guests are told to secure all loose items before the ride takes off, there will always be some Guests who think that nothing will happen. Unfortunately, they can be wrong, and their loose item can end up falling and hitting a Guest waiting on the bridge below. This cage will hopefully keep any Guest from being injured.

Credit: Orlando Informer via Twitter

It is also possible that the cage could be just the first step. A logical addition of netting to catch any loose, falling articles is also something that could be added. Netting can be seen on a variety of other rides — mainly roller coasters — so fallen items aren’t lost forever to the Universal theme park gods.

What is also great about this new cage covering on the bridge is that Universal is keeping Guests safe while not sacrificing theming. The cage that has been installed looks a lot like the raptor cages that can be found on VelociCoaster. We just hope that the people being in the cage doesn’t mean that the raptors are on the loose somewhere!

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Universal also installed clear barriers in parts of the queue, creating a wall effect. While Universal officials did not make a statement about why these are in place, it seems to help protect Guests, as well.

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Guests on the attraction tried to throw ice from the car they were in, and it ended up ricocheting and hitting Guests on the ride and in line — fortunately, no one was seriously injured and the Guests responsible were banned from Universal Studios.

There is no word as to whether the cage and plexiglass barriers are permanent or not, but we do know that Universal is doing everything they can to keep theme park Guests safe, so they can fully enjoy the new Jurassic World VelociCoaster.

What do you think of the new safety precautions being taken at VelociCoaster? Let us know in the comments!

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