Check Out How These Disney Guests Had to Evacuate Tower of Terror!

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Typically, when a Guest visits Disney World and rides any of their attractions, they can experience the ride as Disney intended. But, there are instances where things can go awry.

tower of terror getting struck by lightning
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Just like any theme park, Disney attractions can break down from time to time. When Guests are riding an attraction, and the ride breaks down, at times they will need to just wait a few moments and Disney will have the ride up and running once again. However, if the ride needs a little more time before it’s back up and running or if maintenance has to be done, Guests will need to be evacuated from the attraction.

tower of terror service elevator hallway
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Although being evacuated may not give Guests the perfect ride experience, it truly is a unique situation that Guests will surely remember for years to come. When a ride experiences an evacuation, one thing that happens is that the lights will have to turn on in order for Guests to safely exit the ride with the assistance of Cast Members. For attractions that typically take place in the dark, lights-on evacuations cause Guests to see a lot more than they would have if the ride were to have functioned correctly.

Tower of Terror
Credit: Disney

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is a thrill ride that rarely experiences evacuations. However, it seems that in May 2021, the ride had an evacuation before the commencement of the drop sequences, and Guests were able to see what the attraction looked like when it was very well lit.

TikToker Expedition_Neverland (@expedition_neverland) was on the ride when the attraction stopped, and they posted a very detailed look at the attraction as well as what happens when this specific ride breaks down.

Full Tower of Terror ride evacuation!


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As you can see and hear in the video, maintenance is needed to back the ride vehicle out of the second elevator shaft and into the room where Guests see many of The Twilight Zone references. When maintenance notices that Guests are recording the experience, they mention that this is likely something they will never see again, which speaks to the fact that The Tower of Terror does not often undergo evacuations.

As you can see in the video, the Guests were safely evacuated from the attraction and had the opportunity to walk out through The Twilight Zone room while the lights were on!

If you ever had to experience an evacuation from a Disney World attraction, which would you choose? Let us know in the comments below! 

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