Guests Can Now Scan MagicBands at Home

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Credit: Disney (left) Gadgets to Gizmos (right)

If there is one downfall about visiting Disney World, it is the fact that at some point, you always have to leave.

Whether you are a local or someone visiting Walt Disney World on vacation, all Guests must leave Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom each day — no matter how badly they would like to stay! The feeling of missing Disney is often a tough one to combat, which is why many Disney fans use Disney decor at home to remind them of the Most Magical Place on Earth.

There is now a new way Guests can recreate that Disney World experience in their own homes! When Guests visit any Disney World Park, they must scan their ticket, MagicBand, or Annual Pass against a circular globe with a light-up Mickey Mouse silhouette that glows and welcomes Guests with an iconic sound as they enter into their theme park of choice.

Disney World Fingerprint Scanner
Credit: Disney

Well, what if we told you that you could actually scan your MagicBand on a replica of that machine when you were at home, and it would also light up and sound identical to the ones in the Disney Parks? Etsy shop owner Gadgets to Gizmos created a “Disney Desktop MagicBand Scanner,” which you can use in the comfort of your own home, and it works just like the ones at Disney World.

magic band scanner
Credit: Gadgets to Gizmos

Customers can choose between a silver, gold, bronze, or purple scanner for $251.00. The scanner will come with a card and a fob that act as a MagicBand, or customers can use their active MagicBand. All you have to do is tap your MagicBand above the Mickey Mouse, and it will transport you right to the front of Magic Kingdom!

magic band scanner
Credit: Gadgets to Gizmos

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This can be a great showpiece to have in a Disney fan’s home that will not only help cure the Disney blues, but anyone who sees’s it will surely want to give it a try.

To purchase a piece of Disney magic for yourself, click here!

The official description of the Disney Desktop MagicBand Scanner reads:

Bring the magic home with this awesome, full functioning, replica magic band scanner! Complete with lights and sounds, this magic band scanner will certainly light up your home with memories of previous magical visits. Ideal for a desk, counter top or anywhere that can use a little extra magic 🙂

magic band scanner
Credit: Gadgets to Gizmos


1. Scan your magicband, compatible cell phone, smart watch or supplied key chain ring and wallet card to initiate the scanning sequence.

** please note, we are not reading anything on your band or cell phone. We are simply detecting the presence of an RFID device to simulate a scan sequence **

2. Sound enabled. Equipped with a small MP3 player and speaker, you’ll hear a variety of sounds we are all accustomed to hearing at the parks.

3. Randomized interaction. We have incorporated randomized event triggers to simulate slower scanning, faster scanning, different lights and sound patterns. (for example, purple lights indicate a welcome home message. Green lights are the most common we see in the parks)

magic band scanner
Credit: Gadgets to Gizmos

4. Night light mode. This replica fast pass scanner will illuminate when it senses the lights have been turned off. After a certain period of time, the night light color will slowly fade to a different color. This is just another way to keep the magic going while away from the parks.

5. Customization. Upon boot-up, the magicband reader plays it’s usual boot song, however for extra customization a special song can be played.

– Birthday Mode: Will play a happy birthday song upon boot up.
– Christmas Mode: Will play jingle bells upon boot up.
– Anniversary Mode: Will play a 30 second snippet of your wedding song upon boot up.
– Custom Mode: Reach out if you would like something special upon boot up.

** please note, after a certain amount of boot-ups, the special song will fade away and resume normal mode operation. **

Below, you can check out a video on how the scanner works!

Would you like to have a MagicBand scanner in your own home? Let us know what you think below!

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