How a Child’s Perspective Changes Cinderella Fountain

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Bow to the queen… and you might see something a little differently. Imagineers hid a special detail at Cinderella Fountain you must see, but you’ll need to change your perspective a bit! Here’s how a child’s perspective completely changes Cinderella Fountain at Magic Kingdom

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Cinderella Fountain Forced Perspective

When walking around the back (or through to see the intricate storytelling murals) of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort, you may notice a beautiful piece of functional artwork. “Cinderella Fountain” showcases Cinderella, not in her ball gown, but her house clothes with her apron in tatters. She reaches for her truest friends, Jaq and Gus Gus, while a bird flutters onto her right hand.

The Fantasyland fountain, while beautiful sounding and welcoming, also serves as a trio of water fountain nozzles for overheated theme park tourists. Approaching Cinderella for a refreshing drink, they will see the dark bronze statue backed by a curved mural of pink, bluish-green and golden flowers. They will also see a floating crown above her sculpture, hinting at her royal progression in her fairy tale.

back of cinderella fountain with cinderella castle
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But to see the unique thing about this fountain, when you bow your head for water, you’ll want to look up as you bend. You’ll watch Cinderella’s head become gently laden with the golden crown. It’s something that your children most likely see each time they pass; a true Princess with the finery to match her soul and personality. Here, we see Cinderella from a child’s perspective wearing her crown:

cinderella fountain crown on her head
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Straight from the Disney Parks Blog, we get insight from an Imagineer,  Mark Matheis, a Content Specialist for Disney Institute. He tells the DPB in 2010:

“When you view the Cinderella Fountain from an average adult’s eye level, the crown is above Cinderella’s head. However, from a child’s view, the crown is resting on Cinderella’s head. Sometimes it takes the innocence of childhood to see the truth in situations.”

cinderella fountain crown
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The next time you’re behind the Castle headed to Prince Charming’s Carousel, be sure to pay your respects to Walt’s 1950 Princess and wet your whistle at the same time. You might just see something different and change your outlook on how you see the world. After all, isn’t that part of the magic of Disney films?


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