Cast Members Share Excitement For the Return of Happily Ever After

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Last night, after more than a year without Happily Ever After, Cast Members were the first Guests to be allowed back into Magic Kingdom to see the firework show. 

Once Magic Kingdom was clear of regular day Guests, at 11:30 p.m., the show began. Considering how much Cast Members have had to go through over the past year, ensuring that Guests are always enjoying their time, keeping all surfaces clean, and helping to create the safest theme park environment possible, it is fantastic that Disney World gave them this treat before allowing all Guests to see the show on July 1. 

Happily Ever After Fireworks at Cinderella Castle
Credit: Disney

Plus, it seems like the Cast Members had a fantastic time! Twitter is currently blowing up with magic as many Cast Members discuss the show, posting photos and videos, and it has regular Guests such as myself very excited to see the show return tomorrow!

Alexis Lauren (@alexislauren01) noted that she was not okay to see the show begin once again. Considering how emotional Happily Ever After can get, we definitely understand where she is coming from!

i am not okay

Michael (@mikesmith_97) rejoiced at the show’s return, posting a stunning photo of the fireworks.


Host of last night’s events and Cast Member Mark Daniel (@lol4MarkDaniel) spoke about how honored he was to see the show return.

I had the honor of hosting a special viewing of Happily Ever After for Magic Kingdom Cast members. This amazing Nighttime Spectacular returns July 1st. #MKcast MK cast you are the Magic.

Tharin White (@TharinWhite) shared a truly magical moment, who posted about a Cast Member engagement happening after the show. This will be the first Happily Ever After engagement since March 2020 or earlier. Considering how the crowd reacted, you can easily tell everyone was in a fantastic mood!

A cast member engagement just happened, here at the first showing of #HappilyEverAfter since the closures last year. #DisneyCastLife

Shawn Tucker (@sgt623) welcomed back the fireworks with open arms!

Welcome back fireworks

Owen (@popcenturystan) was just happy to see the return of the lit-up castle!

So pretty

Clint Gamache (@iamcg83) posted a selfie with the Happily Ever After projections.

We missed you, Happily Ever After. #DisneyWorld #MagicKingdom

It was fantastic to see videos of the show, as well as how quiet Main Street, U.S.A. got just before the fireworks began! It was clear that all Cast Members were ready to see the magic return and took it all in. Next up, on July 1, Guests can see both Happily Ever After and EPCOT Forever return.

When will you see Happily Ever After next? Let us know in the comments below!

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