Comments for Disney World’s Gorillas Go Viral After a Snake Enters Their Enclosure

Group of Gorillas (left) and the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom (r)

Credit: Bearded Kraken TikTok (left) / Disney (right)


  1. Jesse Whitehead

    I thought Disney World was going to build a 5th park. A park so big that you could fit all 4 of the other parks inside of it. What happened? Did the pandemic stop it? ???

    1. What does this comment have to do with the animals?

      1. Jim

        I have deodorant on.

  2. Jan K.

    I caught the turtles Ummm!!!! Making new baby turtles! The two male were chasing the female around the enclosure and one caught up to her!


    1. Bob

      l saw a horse was trying to mate with a donkey, the donkey yelled hiiiii, is it happy?

  4. Greg D

    Am I the only one that cannot easily view the embedded tiktok videos from apple devices, in these articles? I have the same issue with my phone and iPad… for a couple months now here.

  5. Abena

    Take the gorillas back to the Congo, where they belong! Stop taking animals from their natural habitat.

    1. Richard

      Shut up granola

    2. Jaysjules

      yeah take them back when they are used to being taken care of by humans 1and I’m sorry but my belief is is when people are allowed to see things in person that’s when people want to learn more about and be more interested in helping

    3. AL

      These animals have it made, living the best life any animal could live. They get food brought to them, veterinarian care and no predators. Many zoo’s have saved animals from extinction.

    4. Mary

      This article was nothing but word salad. ?

  6. Earlene Hutchins

    I have laughed so hard watching these Gorillas. Lol. Thank you for posting this video.

  7. Kurtis Anthony Engle

    What fool lined up video so Ublock would (of course) block it?

    Let’s see… What to do? Figure out how to defeat my adblock, for YOU? Or live without your content? No brainer. I don’t care if you agree. Good bye.

  8. Really?

    This site would be so much better without the long winded, stretched out writings just to make us see the 32 ads before it’s over. We get you make money from the ads, but you don’t have to be so obvio-
    Wait… an ad just popped up over this comment space

    1. Richard


    2. Mary

      This. What a waste of a clip wading through the word salad.

  9. Sooz

    This article was obviously written by someone who is paid by the number of words it contains. Poorly written.

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