Icon-Replacing Morocco Door Appears on Disney Maps

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map morocco pavilion wall icon

Credit: My Disney Experience and @JeremytheTea

RIP, Morocco wall.

Ever since the iconic wall sculpture was removed from the Morocco Pavilion at Disney’s EPCOT, fans have been, well…in mourning. The jokes shared between one another were a bit too much for Disney, who may have asked the Imagineers to re-fabricate the wall into a Morocco door shape to avoid the unwanted attention in the Pavilion. The new door has still been the site for many photo-ops, and is now a permanent fixture in the park, according to new updates.

morocco pavilion wall icon
Credit: Reddit and @JeremytheTea

Morocco’s New Door Gets Mapped Out

EPCOT’s Morocco Pavilion at Walt Disney World Resort gained lots of attention in the last year when Disney fans and EPCOT regulars noticed a quiet spot in the back of the cultural area that had quite the shapely figure. Gaining in popularity, Disney inevitably decided to swap out the fan-favorite icon for something slightly more subdued when permits were filed for updates.

Just last week, we checked on the mobile and digital maps to find that the “old shape” was still presented on the back of the pavilion wall, next to the desert-inspired shrubs which had been omitted from the map rendering.

morocco pavilion Disney icon photo spot epcot map
Credit: Disney/Google

Now, if you sign onto Disney World’s multitasking mobile app, My Disney Experience, you can search “Restaurant Marrakesh” and see the new, updated visuals in the frame. The shapely wall icon has been replaced with not only the greenery that was originally in place but also the domed door with correct paint colors. It’s amazing the detail that Disney artists include!

We have not yet seen this same update in printed maps available to all Disney Guests in the park.

morroco wall door disney world map
Credit: ITM/My Disney Experience

Looking to seek out the new door and see it for yourself? It may not be the backside of water, but it’s certainly a new update! When visiting EPCOT, trek to the back of the World Showcase either by foot (stop in Mexico for a lovely margarita with a pomegranate floater) or via the Friendship Ferries crossing the Lagoon every 15 minutes or so. The boat docks right across from your destination. You’ll find the ornate architecture and beautiful photo ops (despite the change) in the back of the Morocco pavilion.

morroco disney world map
Credit: ITM/My Disney Experience

Checking out new photo spots, including the new Morocco door, is on our list of the best outdoor activities at EPCOT. If you’re ready to take a trip to the Morocco pavilion to see the new door, contact the professionals at Academy Travel. The Diamond-Earmarked and authorized Disney vacation planner can give your trip the spice of life and grant all your wishes. Call them at 609-978-0740 or by clicking here!

Have you seen the new Morocco door yet? Leave us a comment below!

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