Fan-Favorite Wall Icon Removed From EPCOT

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morocco pavilion wall icon

Credit: Reddit and @JeremytheTea

Watch out, EPCOT fans – one of the most popular “secret” photo spots has undergone a big change.

EPCOT’s Morocco Pavilion at Walt Disney World Resort gained lots of attention in the last year when Disney fans and EPCOT regulars noticed a quiet spot in the back of the cultural area that had quite the shapely figure. Gaining in popularity, Disney inevitably decided to swap out the fan-favorite icon for something slightly more subdued.

morocco pavilion Disney icon photo spot
Credit: Reddit

Fan-Favorite Wall Icon Removed from EPCOT

Deep in the World Showcase, EPCOT’s Morocco makeover occurred this week as tan and sandy construction scrims were removed from the rear of the country pavilion to reveal the new look. Where the rear of a chimney-like Moroccan architecture structure once stood next to arid bushes, a new cropped door with bolted hardware now stands.

Visitors to the Morocco Pavilion near the International Gateway can still find this area on Disney’s EPCOT map. As Disney Guests approach the Restaurant Marrakesh (which offers Moroccan cuisine), they will pass this iconic photo spot. While the map still shows the old wall shape, the new door has yet to be shown on the digital EPCOT map.

morocco pavilion Disney icon photo spot epcot map
Credit: Disney/Google

The flowers in bloom next to the new door symbolize a new life for this resting spot, and perhaps a new photo backdrop for your next Instagram post from EPCOT. The faded teal blue wood door offers a nice color palette next to the pink-hued sand wall. (And sometimes, you can find Aladdin and Princess Jasmine in this old city!)

Digital Creator Jeremy, using the Instagram handle @Jeremythetea, captured the new door on his Instagram stories with the caption “Rest in peace.” If you’re wondering why this photo spot was so popular, you can consider human anatomy and the shapely wall figure. Many fans will miss the not-so-subtle jokes that were shared but will inevitably come to appreciate Disney Park Imagineers for their attention to detail.

morocco pavilion icon door disney
Credit: @Jeremythetea

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What do you think of the Morocco Pavilion makeover? Leave us a comment below with your favorite EPCOT photo spots!

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