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morocco pavilion wall icon

Credit: Reddit and @JeremytheTea


  1. LL

    Wasn’t the old just a canopy covering a chimney? What else could it be?

    1. Bunny

      It was purely decorative. It was supposed to be ‘Spanish looking’ architecture, like mimicking a turret. Google ‘Spanish defensive turret’ you’ll see pictures with the rounded top.

  2. JJ

    One less monument at Epcoc.

  3. rroe

    Quite the monument. Disney should have added two little benches underneath 🙂

  4. Alfred Barecchia

    Disney has turned liberal. Why did Disney hire Colin Kaspernack with such negative views about America as a voice when they had such a better selection of educated Black people to chose from? Soon Disney will be removing the American Flag from its locations because it’s offending someone

    1. Laurie

      Why are you turning this into something political? Has nothing to do with politics

      1. Pyley

        Because it’s true.

      2. Kelly Kristine Bedzik

        Seriously? Disney has everything to do with politics. Have you not seen their Marvel movies that slip in their liberal BS all the time?

    2. SirStephenH

      I hate to break it to you but Disney has always been liberal. Disney also has only a handful of real American flags, almost all of them have the wrong number of stars and strips so they can avoid adhering to the Flag Code.

  5. Alfred Barecchia

    Disney has gone liberal. They are renaming rides because they have references to Slavery etc. Then they hire a looser football player to be part of the going to be renamed ride to do a topic on history, weird because they are conforming with liberals to remove history. Soon Disney will be removing the American Flag because it offends socialism

  6. Butch Correls

    The worse thing about the old structure was that the bush was on the wrong side.

  7. Thulsa Doom

    This has nothing to do with Kapernick or BLM. Disney simply removed this artifice b/c they were worried about the bubbas storming EPCOT like they did the Capitol.

  8. John

    Maybe it’s the new entrance to the “men’s” bathroom😂

  9. Cody

    Walt is rolling over in his grave. His company, which was family oriented is now non family oriented. Gay pride day at Disney? How about not forcing gayness and liberalism down our throat?? When will Disney have a Straight Pride Day? Us conservatives ate waiting.

    And no, I’m not homophobic. These big corporations are making sure they don’t want to offend anyone, that they are offending conservatives. Not only Disney, but Coke, Delta and others are making sure liberals aren’t mad, because they have temper tantrums. What conservatives do is go where we are welcome.

    1. Robert

      Grow up, put your big boy pants on. If you have to state you’re not homophobic in your post, you probably are. Forced down your throat? Seriously dude you need some therapy I’m a life long Republican and my ego or sensibility is not so fragile that I’m offended or threatened by Gay Pride Day at Disney Parks.

    2. Lisa

      What is your problem? Did you not get enough hugs as a child??? If you have to to say you’re not homophobic … you are.

      1. Pat

        How dare you assume Cody identifies as a “boy” and force your opinion that if Cody does choose to be a boy he must wear pants!! Unwoke people like Lisa are what’s wrong with society

  10. Beautiful buildings should be just that! If people weren’t so busy looking for everything to be bad or wrong, they’d never find it! Stay out of the gutters and enjoy life! Do be a scum!!

  11. Bren

    It seems some of you are such moronic idiots with what you are posting. How the actual hell is Disney changing something connected to gay rights, liberals, racism???? What is wrong with you people? Sorry, this is life, things change, and not always because of a liberal, hiring a black person, or supporting someone who is gay. Bet some of you are wonderful people to know….NOT! They changed part of a building from a part of EPCOT which they have taken over officially and completely. Dang, get a freaking life!

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