Even MORE Disney Store Locations Will Close

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Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Disney Store will be a distant memory as we know it. Just two months ago, The Walt Disney Company announced it was saying goodbye to many Disney Stores across the United States. Over 16 states have already shut their doors and Canadian stores followed suit.

Currently, all the Disney Stores in Canada are preparing to close by the summer, and we have just gotten word that more stores are heading down the same fate.

Disney Store
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Goodbye Disney Stores

This comes to no surprise as Disney announced they are moving towards an online shopping experience due to the ongoing pandemic and dwindling sales in the Disney Stores. Many Disney shoppers are torn and heartbroken that they can no longer shop in their favorite local store and have spoken out in hopes Disney will reconsider these changes.

Recently, DLP Report on Twitter announced that the Disney Stores in France are becoming affected as well. Only two stores will remain:

Disney is closing all remaining Disney Stores in France, with the exception of the Champs Élysée flagship and Disney Village (owned by Disneyland Paris). The chain had 24 locations in 2000, only 2 will remain in 2022 (until the Disney Village remodel..)

One Twitter user who goes by em’ or @eimeemie wanted to confirm exactly which stores were being affected by this closure:

Even the popup store in Galeries Lafayette like the one we have in the south of France ( In cap3000 in Nice ) ?

Although Disney has not announced as yet when these stores in France will be affected in the near future, DLP replied that Marseille trips to the Disney Store will end soon by replying:

Yes sadly the Galeries Lafayette corners are also closing

Disney Stores in Europe

As of now, Many Disney shoppers who are not near a Disney Theme Park in the United States or Canada are forced to shop online. It looks as though France and Disney Stores in the U.K. are next in line as Capt. Craig N. on Twitter
(@AurumPunzel) mentions:

Well, I knew Disney isn’t going to treat Europe with mercy, and I’ve already heard they’re also going to do the same in the UK, leaving only a handful of stores including London Oxford Street. This is a kick in the teeth for struggling high streets and shopping malls.

We know that many Disney fans are making their way to local Disney stores and purchasing as much Disney merchandise they can before they must say goodbye. Inside the Magic will continue to update you as we get information regarding the Disney Store closures, dates, and locations.

Is your Disney Store closed? Let us know in the comments below!

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