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Disney Store display

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  1. Emmie

    ALL Disney stores in the UK with the exception of Oxford Street are to close by August
    All staff were notified two weeks ago via a zoom call from the head of European sales
    All staff losing their jobs despite stores still making profit
    All business to moved online to rival competitors

  2. Jen Cheung

    So gutted to hear this news when I visited my local disney store this weekend. Staff told me that they are basically closing up in 2weeks time or even sooner.

  3. Meg Vee

    My store in tx is closing on July 14. I first got the email from shopdisney when I was, of all places, on vacation at disney world. I am so sad! I have never brought anything online from shopdisney, and honestly I probably never will. I like to actually go to the store and see the things. Our store was always packed, and there was hardly a time that my family exited the store without spending money on something.

  4. I can’t believe they are closing down the Disney Store I love visiting and now it won’t be there anymore !?
    It’s not fair!! I love visiting there in person and I can’t believe we are never going visit there in person anymore and it breaks my heart when they mentioned they are closing all the Disney stores what’s going to happen in the future and what are we going to do in 2022 !? It’s all because of the stupid COVID-19’s fault the disney store business is closing down,
    I’m sorry to act this way, I’m just sad, upset and hurt.

    1. What are going to do with our love for former Disney store now ?

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