Traveling to Disney? Get Your Airfare at a Record Low Price This Summer!

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Credit: Orlando International Airport

Walt Disney World has been the most popular place to visit for families all over the world for many decades, letting Disney fans escape from the real world and into a place of magic and wonder.

This has been especially true for this year. As many of us prepare for a more normal summer inside Walt Disney World, it seems now it is the time to start planning! If you’ve never had the chance to visit Orlando or Walt Disney World, now is the time!

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Credit: Orlando International Airport

Airfare to Orlando

This year, out of 40 popular and very crowded air hubs, Orlando International Airport is the second cheapest to fly to. According to Orlando Business Journal, the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Transportation shows that the average price for a ticket to Orlando in 2020 was $191.57 which is a huge difference compared to $255.27 in 2019.

As the worldwide pandemic, last year forced many travelers to stay put, this put a huge strain on airlines and caused them to drop airline tickets to an all-time low. As per the data records, this was Orlando’s lowest price drop since 1995.

Now it seems organizing a vacation to Walt Disney World for the summer may just be the right time, but don’t wait too long to plan, these low airfare prices won’t last long.

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Credit: WFLA

In March, CNBC reported,

“Travel-search site Kayak, said searches for summer travel have been up 27% each week since [President Joe Biden’s vaccine eligibility] announcement and said that airfares for top 100 most-searched U.S. destinations are up 7% month-over-month,” said the report.

This means if you’re wondering when you should start searching for flights, now is the time. Just last month, Orlando International Airport has seen a positive change and increased travelers to their hub. This is not only positive towards travel but towards the economy, businesses, hotels, restaurants, and theme parks such as Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Orlando.

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Credit: Inside the Magic

Keep in mind that with Florida’s restrictions being lifted, and many vaccines distributed throughout North America, Flights to Orlando will increase, but which ones? According to,

Low-cost airline companies, such as Frontier, Southwest and Spirit that cater more to leisure travelers, are increasing flights to Orlando International Airport, said Phil Brown, CEO of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, which oversees the airport, during a May 19 update to Orange County officials. He said larger operators such as Delta, United and American — known as legacy carriers that also have higher prices — have been slower to return as their main customer sector was business travel, which has yet to recover as fast as leisure.

Orlando International Airport
Credit: Orlando International Airport

For example and as a traveler myself, I have seen a huge change in airline prices from a Canadian standpoint. To save money, and to be able to visit Walt Disney World as much as I can, driving 20 hours has helped in travel costs, but after reviewing airfare the last few weeks, I quickly booked myself a flight to Orlando International Airport for Walt Disney’s 50th anniversary this year.

So get your planners out wanderlusts and Disney fans, and take advantage of this opportunity before it quickly flies by you!

Are you traveling to the Orlando International Airport this year or are you waiting until 2022? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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