Top 5 Attractions and Experiences When Disneyland Reopens

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top attractions to experience at Disneyland reopening

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The Disneyland Resort just announced attractions that will be reopening when Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park reopen. On April 30, the resort will reopen its gates to Guests just a little over a year of its original shut down due to the worldwide pandemic. Now, California residents will have a lot of magic to look forward to in just a matter of days!

So, what exactly can we expect when Disneyland reopens? The resort released a list of attractions to look forward to experiencing at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. However, attractions aren’t the only thing guests will have to look forward to. Both parks are planning to have a selection of rare photo opportunities and specialized character meet and greets.

top rides to expereince when disneyland reopens
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Certain Guests have caught a glimpse of what attractions and experiences to expect during the recent special ticketed event, A Touch of Disney. During the event currently being hosted at DCA, Guests get to see attractions that were being tested. This led Guests to catch a first glimpse of what attractions they would be able to ride again when the parks reopen at the end of April. 

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The Top Attractions and Experiences When Disneyland Reopens

  • Snow White’s Enchanted Wish– Although this attraction doesn’t pack a thrilling punch like others do, the entire reimagining of the attraction is something you won’t want to miss!
snow white's enchanted wish
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  • King Arthur Carrousel– Again, not for the thrill aspect. Mainly because this attraction has been given a fresh coat of paint and will just be too beautiful not to ride. Not to mention, it’s a classic!
  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance- A lot of Disney fans were wondering if this attraction would make the grand reopening. The attraction will still be utilizing virtual queues, but it will be available for Guests. 
  • Surprise Character Sightings– We’ve seen displays of this during DCA’s A Touch of Disney event. Hopefully, we can expect more rare and unique character viewing opportunities.
character sightings at a touch of disney
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  • Haunted Mansion– It’s been a long time since guests had the opportunity to experience the original Haunted Mansion attraction without its holiday overlay. With much-needed updates to freshen up the interior and exterior, the Haunted Mansion will look new and fresh!

Important Health and Safety Guidelines for Attractions

It is important to remember that experiences like this will be modified and different in order to comply with health and safety guidelines set by the State of California.

When it comes to attractions and attraction queues, indoor rides must be limited to no longer than 15 minutes. All queues must be operated in outdoor settings. Guests from different households will have to remain 6 feet apart, and Guests from different households must be separated while on attractions. Eating and drinking are both not allowed in attraction queues and will be limited to specific dining areas. 

As for the time being, only California residents will be able to make park reservations and park hopping will be allowed. For more information on these guidelines and more, please visit our article on theme park reopening guidelines.

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What Disneyland attractions will you be looking forward to when the resort reopens? Let us know in the comments!

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