Haunted Mansion’s Pet Cemetery Has a New Death Bed

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Credit: Disney Parks via TikTok

Step right this way. Please mind the plants. And the pets. They’ve been dying to meet you and show off their new death beds. Welcome to Disney’s Pet Cemetery. As Disneyland Park reopens this Spring, you won’t find many killer plants in the flower beds, but you will find a thoughtful new look for our dearly departed domesticates.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney’s Pet Cemetery Has A New Death Bed

If you need to lift your spirits before you visit Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attraction, be sure to pace yourself as you walk past the Pet Cemetery and into the estate. The ghastly garden has a new look to it, and there’s more than meets the eye. (But you won’t find Mr. Toad on the West Coast — he’s only at Magic Kingdom!) Disney Park Imagineers and theme park Master Gardeners have reimagined the plant life surrounding our buried buddies with foliage dedicated to their death story. Each one is so much more fun when you know what’s planted…

After you’ve explored the garden, be sure to step into the world’s largest passenger elevator… it will take you more than six feet under!

Stripey the Skunk

Does anyone smell something? It smells like death! Oh wait, it’s just garlic. In honor of our scented sidekick, Imagineers and Disney Master Gardeners planted society garlic at the tail end of Stripey. Take a good whiff when you whisk past our spiritless soulmate’s tombstone.

stripey skunk society garlic tik tok disney pet cemetery
Credit: Disney Parks via TikTok

Buddy the Dog

While there aren’t many plants named for pups, the horticulturists and Imagineers at Disneyland are never short on ideas. At the foot of our best friend, we find Senecio ‘Angel Wings‘. The plant is much like Lambs Ear, but more silvery and drought tolerant. What a wonderful everlasting tribute to this pooch’s epitaph.

dog pet cemetery disney
Credit: Disney Parks via TikTok

Old Fly Bait the Frog

This dedication is dead serious. Not humerus at all. The giant lily pad-looking pants are almost to scale with Old Fly Bait. The Giant Leopard Plant looks a lot like lily pads to our untrained eyes, so we’ll just sit here and drown in the garden’s beauty.

frog lily pags
Credit: Disney Parks via TikTok

The Cat

Catnip is an old favorite of many Disneyland cats, causing extreme calm, glee, or activity. Despite her stone-cold state, the cat statue seems serene as she reflects on her four-bird snack that very well may have done her in.

that cat catnip
Credit: Disney Parks via TikTok

Rosie the Pig

Bergenia purpurascens or “Pig Squeak” was something we had to look up, but it’s a hilarious nod to Rosie, who eventually bought the farm in 1849. The evergreen turns all sorts of colors including green and purple. Find it at the hoof of Rosie’s headstone.

rosie pig bought the farm
Credit: Disney Parks via TikTok

You can see the Disney Parks Blog full TikTok video, showcasing the new landscaping surrounding our departed pets and their witty epitaphs. The narrator voices:

At the Haunted Mansion where magic is found, don’t look far, just look to the ground

Near the tombs of the departed pets, are the plants that relate to their novelettes.

Society garlic surrounds Stripey the skunk, which causes the air to have a strange funk.

Purple cabbage is near the rabbit which might reveal it’s old eating habits.

Catnip is near the cat and the four birds that once were a snack.

Come and visit, and you will see the animal that no longer live free.

@disneyparksAt Haunted Mansion, new magic can be found. Don’t look far, just look to the ground ? #Disney #DisneyParks #Disneyland #HauntedMansion #PetCemetery♬ original sound – Disney Parks

Sadly, the tour must now come to a gloomy end. But don’t worry, you get to take the ghost of one of these animals with you. They’ll surely follow you home! Bwahahahaha! Hurry back!

Visit Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Pet Cemetery for yourself to see it in the flesh. There’s room for at least one more, so call on the pros at Academy Travel to help plan your funeral… er… your trip. Call them at 609-978-0740 or click here! No matter where you stay, Academy Travel can make sure you have a perfectly grave affair on your Disney vacation.

Which pet in Disneyland’s Pet Cemetery is your favorite? Leave us a comment below!

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