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We have previously reported that Disney has begun facial recognition testing at Magic Kingdom.

For some of those who have recently participated in this voluntary testing, Disney has sent out email surveys to see how Guests feel about their experience. Here are the questions the survey asked, and what you need to know about the facial recognition tests.

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facial recognition
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The survey seemed to focus on gauging interest in the facial recognition technology, and the ease of use during their visit. We have used the technology ourselves and can attest that it is just as easy to use as scanning your MagicBand and using the fingerprint scanner. Obviously, facial recognition cuts down on the fingerprint touchpoint, which is a very high touch area.

Disney asked, “Thinking about your experience with the Facial Recognition Test at the Magic Kingdom, please rate the following aspects:”, and then asked about ease of use, overall experience, and total time at the entrance.

facial recognition survey
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Personally, after using these tests I found that it was easy to use, it was a fine overall experience, and the time spent at the entrance of Magic Kingdom was not impacted when compared to the traditional magic band and fingerprint method of entrance.

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It is worth noting that, since reopening last July, Disney has not been utilizing the fingerprint technology at the entrance of Magic Kingdom as an extra safety precaution during the pandemic.

Next, Disney asked, “How did the Facial Recognition Test impact your theme park visit?”

facial recognition survey
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I must say that I did not experience any impact on my visit after testing the facial recognition technology.

Disney went on to ask the ages of those who tested the facial recognition technology, where you were from, and what kind of admission ticket you used to enter Magic Kingdom. These seemed like pretty standard survey questions for demographic purposes.

facial recognition survey
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It seems like Disney is taking this facial recognition testing very seriously and really looking to understand how Guests who have participated in the testing feel about their experience.

These surveys, and the answers to them, will help Disney decide how they will implement facial recognition at the parks in the future if they choose to move forward with this type of park entry.

Facial Recognition Testing

Have questions about facial recognition testing? Here are a few things you need to know about facial recognition testing.

Testing is taking place at Magic Kingdom, it is completely voluntary! You do not have to use facial recognition for your park entry.

To use the facial recognition technology all you need to do is remove hats and glasses (if applicable). Face masks stay on. Scan your MagicBand, and face the camera. Super easy!

facial recognition
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Testing at Magic Kingdom ends on April 23.

You can find more about facial recognition testing on Disney World’s official website here.

Let us know how you feel about facial recognition testing in the comments!

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