Would YOU Visit the Disney Parks if Vaccine Passports Were Required?

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As Walt Disney World Resort is gearing up in celebration of its 50th anniversary on October 1, some Guests are eager to start planning their upcoming trips and return to the parks. While some have decided to stay behind and wait until 2022. We asked our Inside the Magic viewers how they felt about planning a trip right now and the response was quite interesting.

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Vaccine Passports

If you aren’t already aware, a vaccine passport is a document, either in paper or digital form, that ensures a person is vaccinated. With COVID-19 still prevalent, these documents may provide confirmation that an individual has been vaccinated, they test negative, and/or has recovered from the virus.

What are the risks while traveling? The vaccines that have been distributed for the last 5 months have said to be effective at preventing serious illness, but it has not yet been 100% confirmed whether those who are vaccinated can still spread the virus.

The U.S. Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still has certain travel guidance in place for those who are vaccinated and those who are not. However, many visitors who have recently been to Walt Disney World Resort (with its four theme parks that have been open since summer 2020) and Disneyland Resort (which has partially reopened the park for the A Touch of Disney event — the theme parks officially reopen on April 30) have stated that Disney is implementing the correct guidelines and precautions to keep their visitors safe.

At both the California and Florida properties, Disney has implemented several health and safety measures such as mandatory masks, social distancing markers, and ample sanitization stations.

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Virgin Atlantic Airlines

When considering why a vaccine passport could be a good idea for the Disney Parks, we can examine how these are being tested in other industries. Airlines like Virgin Atlantic are also testing a new and quicker way for people to ensure travelers have been vaccinated and provide some peace of mind.

Using the app, they can provide a digital ID complete with a profile photo, passport information, and their COVID-19 results. Future versions of the app that are currently being worked on will incorporate vaccine records also.

Yesterday, GlobeTrender.com shared the following:

Also being tested by Virgin Atlantic is an innovative Covid-19 test verification tool using artificial intelligence from US company Trust Assure, in effect on Heathrow-US services (currently standing at five routes).

The Trust Assure platform features a global directory of 15,000 plus verified Covid-19 test sites in over 75 countries. It provides users with access to partners, products, and protocols designed to meet the destination requirements necessary for travel worldwide.

The technology has already proven extremely effective in development and trials by Virgin Atlantic’s joint venture partner, Delta Air Lines. Once confirmed, customers receive a QR code with a green verification, meaning they can proceed quickly through check-in.

It is hoped that secure digital health technology will support this endeavour with a smooth and streamlined experience, enabling customers’ to navigating global travel requirements from the palm of their hands

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What about the Disney Parks?

Even though we are seeing vaccine passports begin to be developed and implemented — with the support of U.S. President Joe Biden — there is no confirmation that we could see these come to the Disney Parks. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been outspoken in his disagreement with a vaccine passport program. And neither Walt Disney World Resort in Florida nor Disneyland Resort in California has indicated that a vaccine passport program will be implemented.

Still, we have shared that a vaccine passport could help Walt Disney World return to more “normal” operations and bring back more visitors (particularly international ones) to the parks. And we were curious to know what the Inside the Magic audience of Disney fans think of vaccine passports in general.

We asked our followers on Instagram recently “Would you travel to Disney World if vaccine passports were implemented?”  and we were surprised to see the results!

After being reviewed by over 4,500 people, 75% of Disney World fans indicated that they would still travel to Disney World if vaccine passports were implemented, while 25% said they would not.

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In the end, we can only wait to hear if the Disney Company agrees or disagrees with implementing this new technology and adding vaccine passports to their list of safety procedures, and we hope that Guest don’t have to wait too long to committing future plans and trips to Walt Disney World. To view the current health and safety policies at Disney World, click here.

What do you think about this poll? Do you think Disney World should ask visitors for vaccine passprots before entering the park? Let us know in the comments below!

Are you heading to Disney World soon and need help planning? Click here for more information!

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