Cast Member Brings Magic With Amazing ‘Frozen’ Performance

in Walt Disney World

Credit: @hippydisneyguy (left) Disney on Broadway (right)

When Guests visit Disney World, one of the most magical aspects is typically the Cast Members.

disney cast members
Credit: Disney

Cast Members at Disney have the power to create magical moments for Guests, and even the smallest of interactions can go a long way and keep Guests immersed in the Disney World bubble, where there is magic around every turn. That being said, some Cast Members like to go above and beyond and instill joy into Guests whenever they can.

disney cast member
Credit: Disney

Disney Do It All! took to Twitter to post a Cast Compliment to Mallory who seemed to be operating one of the Friendship boats at Walt Disney World yesterday evening. Typically, your boat captains are always very nice and will chat with Guests, but personally, I never have had a captain that provided both entertainment and transportation.

Give a listen to this amazing cast member who is singing while piloting her Disney boat! 

#castcompliment Mallory! 

For those who do not know, yesterday evening was a windy one in Disney World, enough to have twigs flying off trees and hair whipping in your face at all moments.

Even with the weather not being the best Mallory continued to sprinkle some pixie dust on her Guests sailing with her as she went on the speaker system to sing Elsa’s “Into the Unknown” from Frozen 2 — and she sounds amazing.

disney world cast member
Credit: Disney

If you check out the video, you will hear Mallory’s perfect vibrato echoing through the boat on a speaker that is not meant to showcase vocal quality, and yet, she still sounds amazing. Plus, I think we need to give her a big round of applause for sailing a boat through the windy waters while still sounding like a Broadway star.

Frozen London
Credit: Disney on Broadway

To those who get to have their boat captained by Mallory, they are truly in for a magical moment if she starts singing, and likely, a boat ride that will stick out as a highlight from their trip due to how great and unique something like this is.

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If you ever have a Cast Member you want to shout out like Mallory, be sure to head to Twitter and #CastCompliment with your Cast Members’ name and work location so that Disney can be notified and the CM will get the credit they deserve! Especially after the crazy year Cast Members have undergone with the tens of thousands of layoffs, it is always nice to thank them when possible.

What is your favorite Cast Member interaction that you have experienced?

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