‘Hercules’ Male Muses Gospel Cover Has Us Swooning

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male muses

Credit: Michael Korte on Youtube

With over 4 million views and climbing, this trending, gender-bending, give-it-your-all depiction of Hercules’s Muses is everything we need. Five male muses light up the screen with rainbow hues and dulcet tones. Cue up this quintet masterpiece for a gently rearranged rendition of all of the Muses’ choruses in one perfect medley by Michael Korte.

5 Hercules male muses
Credit: Michael Korte on Youtube

Male Muses

It took a small army to produce this incredible 7 and a half minute music video, but it was worth the effort. Creator Michael Korte gathered “the 5 most talented, fabulous & beautiful boys” he knew to remake the muses in incredible style. Evoking the original animated classic, Hercules, Korte clad his Muses in variations of all white with silver hardware. Each vocal artist retains his personal style while meshing with the group.

male muses gospel hercules medley
Credit: Michael Korte on Youtube

The five essential Muses are vocalized and portrayed by LaVance Colley (@lavancecolley), Tre ‘Rebel’ Edwards (@iiamrebel), Cameron Wright (@cameronwrightofficial), Keenan D. Washington (@keenandwashington), and  James Wright Chanel (@jameswrightchanel).  Also on the Muse production team are vocal arranger Bryson Camper,  choreographer Keenan D. Washington (also a Muse!) cinematographer Baxter Stapleton and sound editor Bryson Camper. 

Gender bending muses music video
Credit: Michael Korte on Youtube

Most of the Muses’ choruses appear in this medley, which served as narration scenes during the Disney animated film in tribute to the classic Greek theatre choruses of the time. Watch Korte’s creation in this video… we can’t stop listening to the gospel-inspired cover!

If you’re swooning over this Hercules Gospel Muses Medley like we are, check out some others in your circle. Vocalists Rell and Deo start to slowly sway in a reaction video, but as the male muses reach the phrase about the Underworld and Hades, they can’t contain themselves! Hopping joy takes over and it sure brings a smile to our faces!  Did it mimic your reaction to the music video?

hercules Muses
Credit: Michael Korte on Youtube

Want More Disney medleys? Watch Korte’s mashup of the Lion King on Youtube, or his newest, the Sister Act 2 medley.

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