Disney Princess Style Dolls Continue to Wow

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credit: Olivia Oh

The Disney Princess Style Dolls are still slaying the fashion scene, nearly a year after their initial debut. Thanks to boutique artists and collectors, the long-lasting style hand-drawn by artist Olivia Oh continues to make a statement! We’ve seen some amazing stylizations created with these dolls and touted by Disney themselves. If you want to pick a few of these beauties for yourself, check out the still-collectible dolls on Amazon.

Disney Princess Style Dolls

With six dolls in the Disney Princess Style series, senior Hasbro doll designer Olivia Oh took on six fashion sketches that eventually gave way to the toy dolls in larger-than-life costumes. Belle, Mulan, Ariel, Aurora, Rapunzel, and Jasmine appear in iconic style hues and fabulous ruffled dresses, complete with purses, removable shoes, and accessories to heighten their looks.

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Credit: Olivia Oh

Olivia’s sketch of the Aurora collectible doll is still available on Instagram (@oliviadesignsdolls), with the caption, “My design sketch for S20 Disney Style Series Aurora (number 06 in series) She’s also on the back of the package.”

Scrolling up and down Oh’s feed will deliver not only sketches, but photos of the other Disney Princess Style dolls in the Disney collection.

A doll collector, stylist, and creator going by @GUTOcollector on Instagram styled the Aurora princess doll with a handmade magical tiered cake of clay and paint. Touched off with a lit sparkler, Sleeping Beauty‘s 16th birthday and gorgeous gown come alive! Guto’s caption in Portuguese is translated here to English, saying, “The debutante princess! Another beautiful doll from Hasbro’s Style Series line, designed by artist @oliviadesignsdolls.”

Guto’s work is so much fun because not only does he style the dolls, he also remakes them into new characters, changes up the clothing, and more. We see a bright future for his artwork! With over 2,900 posts on his Instagram account, there are plenty of great images to enjoy!

If you had a poseable Princess doll , would you remake it into a personal masterpiece? Leave us a comment below about which doll you would like to style!

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