Bring The Aesthetic Of Your Hogwarts House To Your Home

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Hogwarts house wall decor

Credit: background images by Archive Sunday

It is common knowledge that Hogwarts is separated into four houses: Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. When each witch and wizard is sorted into a house, their love and loyalty to their house become part of them. This also applies to all Harry Potter fans out there.

When we are sorted into a house, you proudly wear their colors: Ravenclaw blue and bronze, Gryffindor red and gold, Slytherin green and silver, and Hufflepuff yellow and black. No matter your house, Wizarding World fans are passionate about their Hogwarts houses.

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Sasha Sloan is no exception to that. She wears her Slytherin colors proud, while she posts several amazing videos explaining different aspects of the Wizarding World on TikTok. And besides creating creative videos, Sasha also uses TikTok to show off the work she creates. Her work is as magical as the universe she bases it on!

Sasha has a small business website called Archive Sunday where she sells her Hogwarts house aesthetic inspired wall collage kits. The kits are composed of amazing unique mini posters that you can display together on a. wall to create the collage. Each Hogwarts house is represented in Sasha’s work with kits that contain 68 mini posters or mini kits containing 30 posters.


literally I wake up everyday in shock that THIS is my job, to create art that I’m passionate about, and I’m just SO thankful to y’all? #archivesunday

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The details in each image are amazing! Sasha is a photographer and graphic designer, so the images are exclusive and of impressively high quality. The images include a lot of different aspects of the Wizarding World like owls, images of Hogwarts, Luna Lovegood’s specter specs, snakes for Slytherin, lions for Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw’s tiara, the sign or platform nine and three-quarters, etc.


Reply to @cassgubbins I recorded the audio for this ten million times and then just gave up ?? this is how we do it! ❤️ #hustle

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And the business’s attention to detail to the Harry Potter world is really nice. Each house inspired kit is named after one of the main traits of that house. For example, the 65 piece wall art collage inspired on the Ravenclaw house is called “Clever Aesthetic Wizard Wall Collage Kit”, and the Hufflepuff one is called “Loyal Aesthetic Wizard Wall Collage Kit”.


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Besides the Hogwarts house aesthetics, there are other collage kits inspired on the Wizarding World universe such as the “Nox Black and White Aesthetic Collage Wall Kit” based on the light removing spell ‘nox,’ and the “Amortentia Aesthetic Collage Wall Kit” inspired on the love potion ‘amortentia.’

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Each wall collage kit is being sold for around $65.00, and the mini kits and expansion packs for $30.00. Archive Sunday also ships outside the United States for those fans wishing to have these Hogwarts house aesthetics at home.


Tik Tok really is making all our dreams come true ?? shop wizard walls at the link in my bio!! #ravenclawaesthetic #hufflepuff #gryffindor#slytherin

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If you are interested in purchasing the wall collage kits based on your Hogwarts house, you can click here. You can also keep up with Sasha’s work by following her on Tiktok @kylosquash, on Instagram @sashaesloan, or Archive Sunday’s Instagram page @archivesunday.

What do you think of the Hogwarts house inspired wall collage? Which Hogwarts house are you from, and would you like to purchase your Hogwarts house wall collage aesthetic? Let us know in the comments below.

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