Wearable ‘WandaVision’ Prop Replicas Now for Sale

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WandaVision Prop

The immediate hit of Marvel’s Phase Four beginnings launched to Disney+ screens this past weekend, and social discussions are abuzz with suppositions, Easter Eggs, and personal prophecies for the plot of WandaVision.

Wanda and Vision are first seen in a 1950’s television show, much like I Love Lucy, though something was very wrong with the seemingly-idyllic presentation. Upcoming time-travel through TV show eras potentially offers a lot of growth as fans latch onto Marvel’s first foray into the new platform.

For fans of the new series, insider WandaVision prop replicas are now available for order! Marvel and Avengers fans can put their hands on copies of Wanda and Vision’s wedding rings from Episode 1 as well as the Strüker watch from the faux advertisement breaking up Episode 2.

wandavision prop replicas
Credit: Entertainment Earth

WandaVision Prop Accessories

Living the newlywed life (but something seems amiss), Wanda and Vision are hiding their powers and true selves from their neighborhood in the black and white TV era. As the show progresses, we see additional characters, a new Bewitched-inspired 1960s episode, and even more suspicious goings-on.  But the sweet props from Episode 1 (as Wanda creates) and Episode 2 can now be yours!

wandavision prop rings box
Credit: Entertainment Earth

Right from Episode 1, the exclusive WandaVision ring set is a stainless steel prop-replica from the new television series (within a series, perhaps?) and available exclusively from Entertainment Earth. We suppose these are a part of the Marvel Must Haves weekly launch for this year. The wedding ring and bands are made from stainless steel and only available in set sizes (women’s 7 and men’s 10) set inside a limited edition box set. Pre-orders for the WandaVision ring set are $59.99 with shipping due in April 2021.

Wandavision prop rings
Credit: Entertainment Earth

Pre-Order the WandaVision wedding ring set here

Not to be left out, Episode 2 offers faux commercials inside the 1960s episode, complete with Easter eggs from Hydra and Stark Industries. Available from Hot Topic, this snazzy Strücker watch seems to have already sold out, but we’re hoping that additional stock materializes soon!

Wandavision prop struker watch marvel
Credit: Marvel Studios/ Hot Topic

The Strücker/Hyrda watch is gold with a retro stretchable band and dark green face with vintage style fonts. Avid Marvel fans may recognize Hyrda as an authoritarian paramilitary-subversive organization bent on world domination, not unlike real-world Nazis.

You can see more of Hyrda in Captain America: The First Avenger and subsequent movies. We’re eager to see if the fake watch commercial is simply an Easter Egg or if Wanda and Vision will have to face off against Hydra leaders in future episodes.

Disney Logo
Credit: Disney Plus

We’ll be keeping our “Falcon” eyes peeled for more WandaVision merchandise drops as the Disney + series progresses. Additional episodes of WandaVision will be added each Friday on Disney+. Sign up for the service here!

Leave us a comment about which WandaVision prop you’d want to collect!

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