New ‘Star Wars’ Painting Released at EPCOT Festival of the Arts, Enter to Win!

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Thomas Kinkade Studios Rey's Awakening

Congratulations Shelby L. you have won our Rey’s Awakening painting. In case you didn’t win please stay tuned for our next opportunity to win coming soon. In the meantime, you can check out all the amazing art from our sponsor Art of Entertainment. Plus be sure to visit the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts if you can, so you can take in all the amazing work of incredible artists.


Walt Disney World’s 2021 Taste of EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, running from January 8th to February 22nd, has arrived. The Festival of the Arts is known for beautiful art from talented artists, amazing performing arts shows, colorful cuisine, and more.

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As the festival kicks off, Inside the Magic is excited to announce a brand-new Thomas Kinkade Studios painting that debuts on Day 1 of the Festival. Thanks to our sponsor Art of Entertainment we got our hands on this brand-new painting so we could give it away to you!

That’s right you can win a Framed Limited Edition Paper painting like the one pictured below valued at $430!

Rey's Awakening by Thomas Kinkade Studios

Rey’s Awakening is the 6th Limited Edition release in the Thomas Kinkade Studios Star Wars collection. In this painting, we see the scene in which Rey lands Luke Skywalker’s X-wing on the planet Exegol. Once there she meets Emperor Palpatine who reveals he is her grandfather. Rey draws her Lightsaber and confronts the Emperor.

Thomas Kinkade Studios Star Wars Collection

Looking for more Thomas Kinkade Studios Star Wars paintings? Why not have a Thomas Kinkade limited edition collection in your home with each of these Star Wars paintings from Thomas Kinkade Studios.

The Battle of Hoth

This painting captures the epic battle when Luke is able to take down an AT-AT with his Lightsaber. Look closely can you spot all 3 moons of the planet of Hoth or the Millennium Falcon making its escape?

The Battle of Hoth

Obi-Wan’s Final Battle

The rebels have to fight their way back to the Millennium Falcon and Obi-Wan knowing how important it is that Luke is around to defeat the dark side of the Force sacrifices himself for the cause.

Obi-Wan's Final Battle

A Son’s Destiny

Star Wars fans can’t forget this epic battle that had us on the edge of our seats. The Lightsaber duel is memorialized perfectly in this piece with Emperor Palpatine looking on.

A Son's Destiny

Rey of Hope

Rey provides the Resistance with Hope as her powers grow. The painting is set after she along with Kylo Ren defeats Supreme Leader Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guards aboard The Supremacy. Rey escaped in Snoke’s shuttle and meets up with Chewbacca to search for General Leia and Finn.

Thomas Kinkade Studios - Rey of Hope

The Duel: Rey vs. Ren

Kylo Ren is shocked when Skywalker’s Lightsaber flies by him into Rey’s hand. He senses her connection to the Force but is confident that he is the more powerful one.

Thomas Kinkade Studios The Duel: Rey vs. Ren

Any of the paintings in this epic collection would be a wonderful addition to any fan’s home. You can order each of these from our sponsor Art of Entertainment.

Hint: Be sure to use an email address you actually check as the winner will be notified by email plus we will update this article with the winners name.

Thomas Kinkade Studios Mandalorian Collection

Art of Entertainment also offers The Mandalorian collection of paintings from Monte Moore which includes these four fabulous paintings.

Turning Point

An iconic scene from Season 1 of The Mandalorian, depicts the moment Baby Yoda (who we now know as Grogu) became an instant sensation that captivated the world. In the painting, we see the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda’s egg pod with a defeated IG-11 laying in the background.

Thomas Kinkade Studios: The Mandalorian - Turning Point

The Mudhorn

The Mandalorian – The Mudhorn is the second painting in The Mandalorian series. This painting captures the moment in which The Child’s powers save the Mandalorian from certain defeat.

The Mandalorian painting of Thomas Kinkade

The Escort

Ascending into the sunlit sky above the cloud cover, the Razor Crest soars above the remnants of conflict, met briefly by fellow Mandalorians, including brawny warrior Paz Vizsla, showing the unbreakable nature of the bonds that hold together the Mandalorian culture.

The Mandalorian - The Escort

Child’s Play

After helping save the Sorgan village from raiders with an AT-ST Raide, the Mandalorian takes a moment to consider the possibility of a peaceful life with them as the Child plays by a pond. Whereas the appeal of this sanctuary is tempting, deep inside Mando knows that if he and his charge are ever to be safe, they must find a way to outrun, or outsmart, the pursuers who are tracking them.

The Mandalorian - Child's Play

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