Super Nintendo World Snacks Will Help You Level Up!

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Super Nintendo World Snacks

Credit: Universal

Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World is less than a month away from its grand opening on February 4, 2021. This is the first-ever Super Nintendo World to come to a Universal theme park, but other parks are expected to get their own Nintendo-themed lands soon.

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Now that the park is getting so close to its opening date, many of the delicious treats have been revealed to fans! They are all, of course, highly themed to Super Nintendo World and will make any Mario fan a hungry Goomba just by looking at the photos.

Universal Super Nintendo World
Credit: Universal

Here is our first look thanks to a tweet by Orlando Informer. Their post includes a photo of a calzone filled with yakisoba and cheese in the shape of a green shell. Additionally, they show two drinks that are themed to Yoshi! Now, this combo looks like the perfect snack to refill your tank after a ride on the Mario Kart attraction!

These snacks will be available at a grab and go location called YoshiSnack Island. This location will be near the exit of the Yoshi attraction.

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If the Yoshi themed snacks were not enough for you, check this out! Kinopio’s Cafe is packed with highly themed treats and dishes to help level up your experience at Super Nintendo World!

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Pizza, cheeseburgers, a caprese salad, and tiramisu will be available at the quick service style restaurant within the land. The tiramisu that looks like a question block, complete with mushroom on top is the perfect Instagram treat for your visit to Super Nintendo World!

As the days close in on the grand opening of Super Nintendo World we are getting our bags packed and passports ready to go! Don’t want to fly all the way to Universal Studios Japan to experience Super Nintendo World? Do not worry! The Super Nintendo World expansion is moving very quickly at Universal Studios Hollywood. Green mountains are starting to take shape and we should get an update on when the land could open soon! Likely it won’t be until 2022, but that is simply our own speculation.

What snacks are you looking forward to trying the most when Super Nintendo World opens on February 4? Let us know in the comments!

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