VIDEO: Watch This Soothing ‘Mandalorian’ Painting Time-Lapse

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If you enjoy watching Bob Ross and Star Wars, get ready to be transfixed into a galaxy far far away.

Posted on the Facebook feed of Simple, European artist Florence Trus creates a painting inspired by Disney’s hit series, The Mandalorian. The soothing artwork begins with an ombre painting and a stencil format, creating a Grogu shaped mat containing The Mandalorian painting. The accompanying video shows Trus’s creative process as the commissioned work comes to life. This is the way.

mandalorian fan art
Credit: Simple on Facebook

The Mandalorian Painting Time-Lapse

Florence Trus’s painting starts with a blank canvas and a silhouette tape mat of Grogu, (AKA Baby Yoda). Her clean brush lines give way to an ombre sunset color and landscape painting that seemingly nears completion. But then, the land meets sky in what feels to be a harsh line for objects yet to be painted.

ombre star wars fan art
Credit: Simple on Facebook

Soon, deep scenery is set upon the land, with the Razor Crest just beyond our full vantage point. A beautiful sun smeared with clouds floats near the top, giving us depth.

grogu baby yoda art
Credit: Simple on Facebook

After the spacecraft takes shape and is detailed, Din Djarin‘s helmet first appears on the canvas. What’s not easy to see as Trus paints is her lightly sketched pencil lines, giving the artist a basic shape to fill and detail.

mandalorian painting time lapse
Credit: Simple on Facebook

The full social media video from Simple is here and is very soothing to watch as Trus’s brush wipes the acrylic paint back and forth. When all the finishing details are done, Trus carefully peels away the silhouette tape, creating crisp clean lines around Grogu’s shape.

The Mandalorian Painting 👽🤩

Posted by Simple on Monday, January 4, 2021

Simple credits the original artist commissioned for the video, Florence Trus. The Belgian artist leaves a caption for her Instagram post, which roughly translates to, “Follow my silhouette art videos that I make for the SIMPLE Facebook channel.” A still, finished photo poses as the featured image, with the time-lapse video only appearing on the Simple channel. 

“Suivez mes vidéos de silhouette art que je réalise pour la chaîne Facebook SIMPLE. ?

Plenty of art fans are asking for an art print of this Star Wars character portrait. The piece is not yet available for purchase, but we think Trus ought to sell it!

What do you think of Trus’s commissioned fan art? Leave us a comment below about your love for The Mandalorian!

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