UPDATE: Disney Springs Bake Shop Shares Reason For Temporary Closure

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gideons bake house

Credit: Gideons Bakehouse

Disney Springs is, in this reporter’s opinion, the ultimate place for a foodie when they head to Walt Disney World. Whether you like sweet treats or you just want to eat a delicious and savory meal, Disney Springs will have you covered. The most recent food addition to Disney Springs was Gideon’s Bakehouse, a place where cookies go to grow up and become kings and queens (seriously, these cookies are AMAZING!). Gideon’s recently soft opened at Disney Springs, but now the shop has shut its doors temporarily.

gideons bakehouse
Credit: Disney

Today, Gideons Bakehouse took to Instagram to announce the indefinite closure.

Effective this evening, Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs will be temporarily closed. Keep your eyes here for news on our reopen, and we welcome you to visit our @eastendmkt location to satisfy your dessert cravings. Thank you!

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Later on, the bake shop shared more of an explanation in an update to the original Instagram post. We’ve updated our article to include this information. Here’s what the store said:

We are still in a soft opening mode. We’ve learned a great deal over our holiday test run and are so grateful to everyone for making it an overwhelming success! Our opening was beyond our expectations, so we are putting on the brakes to deal with behind-the-scenes logistics ahead of the grand opening. 

Gideon's Bakehouse
Credit: Disney

This closure comes after the cookie location has received nothing but high praise over social media, leaving Guests who have tasted the food craving more, and those who have just seen photos with their mouths watering. Therefore, Guests will likely be impatiently waiting for the temporary closure to be lifted — and the hype for these cookies will only build. 

As the previous opening was only a soft opening and not a grand opening, Gideon’s may be taking what they learned from this round, in order to use that knowledge for their full opening. We currently do not know when it will reopen, but for all of our sakes, I sure do hope that it will be soon. More news will be posted to the Gideon’s Bakehouse Instagram account.

Gideon’s bakehouse
Credit: Gideon’s Bakehouse

Personally, if I owned Gideon’s and had access to all of those homemade cookies and cakes, I would also want to close my doors and eat them for myself. That being the case, for an eatery that was boasting 3+ hour lines on opening day to close, is not typically the move financially. But for Gideon’s Bakehouse, this choice may have been genius, as we now know in a recent update that it will allow them to have an even more successful grand opening in the near future.

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When do you think Gideon’s Bakehouse will reopen at Disney Springs? Are you looking forward to trying their cookies? 


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