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gideons bake house

Credit: Gideons Bakehouse


  1. Dave

    Probably a COVID outbreak at the store, they will reopen after quarantine!

    1. Anthony


      1. Ralph Malph

        @Anthony How wonderful that you self-identify.

    2. Sue

      I’m with you on that. Bc. People need to realize that people have tested positive at Disney but they will
      Not say anything bc if they did nobody would go.

      1. Jeb

        If these people are testing positive and going into public places knowingly spreading this disease, they need to be sued to the fullest extent of the law.

        1. Bruh

          Ok sure
          pandemic is ruining lives so why don’t we sue people who live their lives normally or if they have COVID let’s sue them dispite the fact that their lives are already ruined cause they took a test so now they are in the system of psychos

          1. Your Daddy

            Wow, you are so ignorant. Taking a pathology test to test for highly infections AND potentially illness does not make you a psycho.

        2. Common Sense

          Then the same should be done for every other disease; AIDS, lung cancer, food poisoning, etc. Moron

      2. Erika

        So then it’s not an indefinite closure. Journalism has gone to hell.

        1. Your Daddy

          Of course it is. They don’t know when it’s going to open…. It’s indefinite.

        2. caasicaIasI

          Hope they reopen soon. But i understand if they don’t

  2. Cathy

    They announced before the soft opening that they would close and reopen further into 2021.

    1. CNT

      Wondering where you saw that info. Thx.

  3. Jeb Eldridge

    The Twitter page clearly states this is a TEMPORARY closure.
    Now please stop sharing misinformation and get your viewers to stop sharing false Covid-19 info in the comments

  4. Kathie B

    Don’t be ridiculous. This is a ploy to create demand. Most people want what they can’t have. No cookie is worth waiting in line for 3 hours to PURCHASE. With this BS story now the line will be even longer. And I am willing to bet big money that my own (and yours) homemade cookies are far better. It’s all hype.

    1. Phil

      Pretty bad ploy since there are 2 other locations within 20 minutes of disney.

    2. Phil

      Also, having been a Gideon’s customer for a couple years now, no, home made cookies dont even match up. Within the last 2 years theyve been labeled the country’s best cookie by USA Today and trip advisor. Ive never had a cookie like it anywhere in my life.

      1. Mac

        Then whoever has made homemade cookies for you must suck. Because those cookies are God awful. Nothing but a giant lump of dough with WAY too many toppings.

    3. Chris

      I’ll bet bigger money yours are not

    4. Justin

      Those cookies are actually pretty dang good and unusually different. Well worth a taste! Also, they are good value. One cookie feeds two people easily. Compared to other bakeries at Disney Springs, the prices are better the the taste is DELICIOUS!!

      1. MM

        Was just there yesterday at the store around 1 pm or so and their virtual line was the only way to get in and they were all taken for the whole day already.

  5. Laura

    It seems to me that they used the busy holiday season to see how everything will run when Disney gets back to a more normal attendance level. I am sure cost wise it is better just to wait until there is a more steady flow of customers, plus they don’t want covid rumors floating around like the idiot above is trying to start.

  6. MommaJoy

    How many times have you went to a store this year and it was closed…unexpectedly? I have, more than once. I agree with others about it being Covid. That is the responsible thing for Disney or any business to do.
    As for others lambasting people who go in public with covid, did you maybe think they didn’t know they had covid. A good majority of cases have NO symptoms. Many of us (no I haven’t had covid) dont want to live our lives lo ked up in our houses. But we also wear masks, social distance in public and sanitize/wash our hands.. all the time!!

    1. Chris

      I’ll bet bigger money yours are not

  7. Phil

    Luckily they have 2 other orlando locations and have been around for a few years now.

  8. Pedro

    Author says indefinitely and then shows the post where they say temporarily. If you can’t grasp rudimentary English, don’t author articles.

    1. Mat

      Indefinite just means there is no given date for reopening. Which is accurate.

    2. Deedeedee

      lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time.

      Perhaps it isn’t the author who needs to learn English.

  9. Alfred Barecchia

    We were at Disney Springs a few months ago. Went to Paradise37 restaurant. Walked out, over crowded, no children’s food, no appetizers, etc. I complained to DISNEY, but DISNEY only owns the area and seem to have no control of what goes on their concerning safety. Will only eat at Disney park restaurants. Rather see some sort of control vs none at Disney Springs. Also head counting is a joke at the Springs

  10. Pete

    Did anyone even bother to think about the business reality of operating a new store during this time? Gideon’s soft opened to get a feel for the business and potential customers, but they probably took people from their other locations to do it, knowing that they can’t easily hire and train new staff for this location easily. They announced that they would be soft opening on their social media. Don’t worry, they will be back.

  11. Jan

    Wow, can’t visit any Disney blog page without Covid becoming a central topic causing vitriole. Thanks at least to the civil responders. We all hope they reopen soon, especially those of us who need a first-time try to see if they live up to the hype. The Disney vloggers can’t seem to get enough of them.

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