Family Sues Universal Following Death, Asks For Spanish Warning Signs

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Skull Island: Reign of Kong

Credit: Universal

A lawsuit that has been years in the making is reaching an ending point. We have previously reported on the family of a Universal Orlando Guest, Jose Calderon Arana, who is suing the theme park company after Arana passed away following an experience on the Skull Island: Reign of Kong attraction at Islands of Adventure.

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Skull Island: Reign of Kong
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Jose suffered a cardiovascular incident after he got off of the Skull Island: Reign of Kong attraction. He did not speak English, according to the original incident report, and therefore could not have read the warning signs about the attraction.

A recent report by US News claims that this lawsuit could end up requiring all U.S theme parks to require warning signs to be in Spanish.

The Arana family’s attorney Lou Pendas had this to say about the lawsuit, asking for the requirement of warning signs to be in Spanish at theme parks:

“This isn’t a crazy request or expectation. It’s actually quite basic in this day and age,You are asking for international travelers. This is a mecca for tourism. This is a very basic thing that should be thought of for the safety of patrons.”

While the Universal attractions do provide images on their warning signs, they do not include a Spanish translation of the text.

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We have also been covering the ongoing lawsuit Universal is facing over its water theme park, Volcano Bay. Universal Orlando Resort is being sued for injuries that were allegedly caused by the Punga Punga Racers water slide.

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