Disney World Characters Warn Guests to Wear Their Masks

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If you have been to Disney World during the pandemic, you have likely seen their implementation of mandatory face coverings. From personal experience, Cast Members are doing a fantastic job making sure that Guests are constantly wearing their mask, and are not afraid to tell you to put it on if you are disobeying.

It seems that ALL Cast Members are adhering to the same standard when it comes to protecting Guests, as characters will also go out of their way to point out Guests with their mask down and signal that they need to put it back up.

Popular Disney and Travel YouTuber TheTimTracker was visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios on a recent evening enjoying the character cavalcade rolling down Sunset Boulevard. Tim noticed Buzz Lightyear taking things once step further when it came to a Guest not wearing their mask correctly. At minute mark 3:35 in the below video, you can see Buzz point at a Guest and gesture that they should pull their mask up, and then Buzz points at the Guest again to remind them.

face mask
Credit: Tim Tracker
face mask
Credit: Tim Tracker

Tim quickly turned to his wife, Jenn, and said, “Buzz Lightyear just told someone to put their mask back on!” If you want to see Buzz Lightyear saving the day, check out the video below.

Inside the Magic has already confirmed that Disney World will stop attractions, whether they are slow-moving like Carousel of Progress or fast like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, in order to tell Guests to put their masks on. To see a character who is in the middle of a cavalcade stop waving at Guests in order to enforce the face mask rule just shows that everyone is watching Guests to make sure that they comply with the health and safety protocol.

If you are visiting Walt Disney World soon, please remember that approved face masks are currently mandatory for Guests, and the inability to comply with their safety rules and regulations will have you removed from the Disney theme park you are in. Disney has social distancing, sanitization and hand washing, as well as face covering signage all over the park, announcements that pipe through every speaker system, and messages to your My Disney Experience App.

By the looks of it, Cast Members who are doing their job well to make sure the parks are a safe place to enjoy magic during the pandemic.

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Credit: Matt Stroshane/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images

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Are you impressed that characters are enforcing mask wearing? How do you think Disney is doing in terms of enforcing safety during the pandemic? 


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