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  1. Nicholas Cervenka

    Calling TT a “disney youtuber” is a disservice. He goes all over the place.

  2. Florida Guy

    Not a problem for me. I will not be visiting any Florida theme park until masks are optional. I will be burning every mask I own on New Year’s Eve. I am not dealing with this crap in 2021.

    1. Nate

      True Florida Man living up to the stereotype.

      1. Jennie Duncan


    2. Jim Anthony

      Your atiltitude is why American numbers are so disgusting. Stay indoors buddy.

      1. sean juroviesky

        Thank you

      2. Qvoid

        Not sure how his altitude would have anything to do with it…

        1. Common Sense

          Masks are nor a right. It’s common decency for your family, friends, and others who may have underlying medical issues. Do you want yourself or a loved one to die from contacting Covid-19 just because of your selfishness? Just stay home!!

        2. Lucas


        3. MD3

          Way to show your intelligence and lack of respecting someones choices & freedoms, nate

    3. Willie

      That’s smart. You don’t have to deal with it. I agree whole heartily.

    4. Stephanie Pena

      Agree , I went during Thanksgiving and the masks foolishness was way too much! Pull it up ,pull it down , don’t chew gum, eat ,drink while you’re in an hour line in the sun. Don’t be fooled there is no social distancing, especially at Disney Springs 5 million people there. It was a big waste of money to go right now.

    5. Peter

      VERY well put, my friend!! It is a huge load of you-know-what to begin with!

    6. Ashley

      You shoudnt be alive if you “don’t wanna deal with this crap.” Your life is soooo much more important huh that you have the authority to willing take other people’s rights away by puting them in severe danger by you not following pandemic protocol because of your emotions? I hope your and your whole family get covid. Then you can cry about a mask, See how you feel about them then. Youre a loser.

      1. Michael Joe Spence

        I had the covid. It was like having the sniffles. If it is not covid or the bird flu, then it will be something else. I will live my life. If you are that frightened…. You stay inside and coward in fear.

        1. Jen

          My cousin was just put on a ventilator this morning because he can’t breathe. Don’t give me that crap that Covid is just the damn sniffles. Not everyone is as lucky as you, you insensitive jerk.

          1. kate deel

            for the majority of people. why else do you think flu and other causes of death have disappeared? so we can blame covid. my nephew jumped off his balcony killing himself thanks to covid restrictions. at 25 years old.

        2. Jen

          @Michael Joe Spence – My cousin was just placed in a medically induced coma and put on a ventilator this morning because Covid has ravaged his lungs and he can’t breathe. Not everyone is as lucky as you were, you insensitive jerk.

        3. m.

          try working in the covid units. I dare you to go a day and watch all these innocent people laying upside down to drain the fluid from their lungs and the bed soars they get from respirators. Watch them die. Watch their families deal with the trauma. Hear the code alerts go off every 45 minutes. Another one’s dying! Live a away in those shoes you ungrateful good for nothing pompous jerk.

        4. UberChemist

          I’m in the same boat, and have shared my story. At first hoping to calm people’s fear of this. All you’re gonna hear is from the people who have someone they know who is sick or died from it. Mask wearing has been elevated to an almost religious faith; I have no idea how a rational person can see the increase of infections across the country, while mask compliance is high and still believe they are working. I can attest firsthand Disney is militant with mask enforcement. Luckily, we’re only forced to spend our money on some items, and theme parks isn’t one of them (yet). If wearing a mask while standing outside (no FP, social distancing) in sweltering heat, or just don’t like paying full price for half the experience, don’t spend your money at Disney.

      2. Thomas

        Hey Ashley, I had a cousin that died from an auto accident, I hope you’re not one of those selfish losers that gets in a car and drives everyday. If no one drove then nobody would die from a car accident. Youre a loser.

      3. kate deel

        what a shame there is nowhere to report a post. Ashley you are a real sicko. you pro abortion too? Masks are invasive and uncomfortable so if someone chooses not to wear one they should be able to. I only go to stores that don’t enforce or ask for masks. My body my choice.

    7. Your dad

      How pathetic you must be

    8. Jennie Duncan

      Happy to have you not in the Parks when I’m there! Have a great year.

  3. Tom

    This place should not be open right now, plain and simple.

    1. NATE

      They are strict about the safety rules and want to make money, keep people employed and making magic for guests!

    2. Crap Wolf Lodge

      You should see how horrendous Great Wolf Lodge is handling things. It’s a water park hotel, and the water park doesn’t require masks… For guests. Employees “suffer” through eight+ hours of humidity and jumping in, but guests seem to not care as 800+ people are packed in an area that should only hold 500 right now. There’s about two cases a week average from employees alone and with the recent events, other jobs are few and far between. Hold them in your thoughts and hope that selfish people still going on vacations like this get their just desserts.

      1. Robin G. White

        Geez. God bless them. God bless us all. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. This virus is insidious. I feel for people who have to work or lose their jobs because their businesses won’t or can’t close. If they stay home they cannot collect unemployment. People need to put food on the table and keep a roof overhead but at what cost? If two employees per week ate becoming ill There is no telling how many guests are infected. People don’t understand or won’t try to understand until they are directly affected. One of my dearest friends in the world of over 35 years died just over a month ago. One of my mentors, too. Both were asymptomatic until just before they died. Another had fingers amputated. One friend has lost her sense of taste and smell for the past three months. Another perfectly healthy friend had it and now has heart disease and had a stroke. There is no rhyme or reason to this thing. I am scared for our kids. We don’t know what the long term effects are. Viruses live for a long time in our bodies. Who of us knew in the ’50s and ’60s that our itchy childhood chicken pox would become painful shingles in adulthood?

      2. check ur grammer cookoo man

        desserts all right
        being a normal person has rewarded me I’ll have chocolate cake

  4. Jim Anthony

    Your atiltitude is why American numbers are so disgusting. Stay indoors buddy.

    1. Willie

      Why are dogging this man. He just said he is not going to Disney. All you maskers don’t have to deal with him there. You can wrap your heads in plastic wrap and you haven’t I worry now. You should be happy. But you’re the kind of folks that are never happy.

  5. Nan

    You have a right to get the virus. Those of your family and friends have a right not to get it. Separate yourself from them and visit over the internet. This is not about you.

  6. Jessica

    Except if you’re famous (Jason Aldean, although he’s no Will Smith or Jennifer Aniston), then you can take unmasked, full body pictures; masks put away, not even ugly tucked down by your chin, with your social media post showing cast members in the background. Then no one says a thing. Regular folk who save all year long though, cast members jump outta bushes to yell at you to put your Joann Fabrics sunflower mask up, even though you’re standing still, and no strangers around you. So ridiculous.

  7. Tom D

    My family of four would have gone four times this year. Instead, we were lucky to have gone in January. We keep pushing out trips. It was looking like we could go mid-June 2021, but vaccines for under 12 might not be approved by then. We have hardly left our house since March. We’ve done curbside, drive up, and delivery only. The only places we’ve gone inside are doctors offices, and CVS fot flu vaccines. We’ve seen a handful of relatives, outide only, at a distance. Our kids go to school, but we didn’t let them go back until we were comfortable with how the school was handling everything (very satisfied). We have made it this far, we can make it to the finish line. There are just too many unknown about a Disney trip right now. We won’t fly. We’d have to plan our trip around what fast food places along the way offer curbside, find somewhere outside to go to the bathroom or bring along containers to use for those purposes. What if we have car trouble on the way? And what about when we get there? Do we get a room for the night before we arrive, in case the last visitors or housekeeping cast members had the virus? Do we just get room service? Where do we eat? We haven’t eaten at a restaurant, inside or outside, and Disney World is basically just one really big store and restaurant. What happens if the other people in a ride take off their masks? What happens if a ride we’re on breaks down (which is always a possibility)? It wouldn’t feel the same. It doesn’t sound fun. It’s not worth it for us. I read that all it would take would for everyone to wear a mask, and stay at home as much as possible, for three to five weeks, and life could be more normal. We could have at least had a mostly normal summer. We are going crazy, but coping, and are disappointed with people who can’t restrain themselves and pretend everything is normal. If you don’t care about your own health, care about the health of others. Asymptomatic spread is scary. I understand if people can’t do what we’re doing because of a job. But many other countries have provided enough money to businesses and people to allow them to stay home. As soon as we are vaccinated, you won’t find us at home. We will use all the vacation time we’ve not used. Disney World will be one of our first stops

    1. EJ

      You sound really fun to be around

      1. Taylor

        EJ and Jerry, I couldn’t agree more.

    2. Jerry

      Wow, entitled much.

      With every right there is responsibility. I am a middle of the road in my political beliefs. But I take issue with your thinking the government should pay you to stay home. How about as a responsible adult saving some money so you could stay home. your stated four trips to disney per year shows you have the disposable income and I am sure you live in a $500k house with a drive way full of expensive new cars and all of the latest ielectronics.

      Instead of spending every nickle you make how about saving some.

      1. Shelby

        How is that what you got out of this conversation? The government is obligated to help its citizens when a pandemic has set us back as far as covid has. This pandemic is expensive and im not sure if you understand, but the PEOPLE of this country deserve to survive just as much as you. Sit down, the only entitled person here is you.

  8. Joe

    You hope he and his family get Covid so they will spread it to everyone else? Yeah that’s great thinking.

  9. Sky strider

    I actually have a lung problem where I had to get a artery in the lower lobe on my right side removed because I could of had cancer later in life so I get sick easily even with wearing the mask I got covid and I was lucky it wasn’t too strong I ended up just sleeping it off (sleeping about a week no food only water) and eventually I got better do I fight the masks? No I even make my custom ones do I act like a big baby in public in restaurants saying I have to put it on and off? No I just do what they ask and when I get to my car I take it off

  10. JR Burnett

    I think it’s wise that Disney doesn’t play around with some of you anti-maskers out there and those who don’t social distance. You may get away with it elsewhere but Disney Parks isn’t going to allow it there. So for those of you who are against masks, maybe you should just stay indoors. Can’t spread your anger at Disney because they are protecting the safety of their employees and other guests. Disney is doing what most places should do, enforce masks and social distancing.

  11. Edward

    How did the comments go from the article to people talking about themselves, not going to the park, complaining about masks? I’ve seen this complaint everyday. Let’s stick to the article

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