‘Black Panther 2’: Is Disney Recasting Chadwick Boseman?

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When the world lost Chadwick Boseman, so many of our hearts were crushed. Not only did the world lose a talented actor and incredible human — but for many Marvel fans, we lost our kind as well.

Chadwick Boseman as T\'Challa in \'Black Panther\'
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Boseman of course played the title character of Black Panther (T’Challa) in Black Panther, and with a second film slated and on the way, many Marvel fans were wondering how the MCU was going to go about filming Black Panther 2 without the Black Panther. 

Fans have been speculating as to what was going to happen, and Shuri taking over in the Black Panther’s place has seemed to be a popular theory that has picked up traction. That being said, Disney has yet to confirm any of this.

What they have confirmed, however, is that they will not be recasting Chadwick Boseman in the franchise.

Black Panther 2, opening July 8, 2022, is being written & directed by Ryan Coogler. Honoring Chadwick Boseman’s legacy & portrayal of T’Challa, @MarvelStudios will not recast the character, but will explore the world of Wakanda & the rich characters introduced in the first film

So we now know that Disney is not planning on having someone else step into the place of T’Challa, which I think most of us Marvel fans can agree is the right thing to do. Boseman played such an iconic role as the Black Panther, especially within the Black community, and to erase his presence with a recast would do the opposite of everything Disney has done to remember him by — including a gorgeous mural in Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort.

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That being said, Disney did mention that the characters in the first film will be coming back — so the theory that Shuri would follow in T’Challa’s legacy does still seem like a plausible option. 

For now, we will wait and see to discover if more Black Panther 2 information is released!

Are you glad Chadwick Boseman will not be recast in Black Panther 2?

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