Understanding New Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue Process

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With the new Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance virtual queue beginning today, Guests are having a tough time securing a spot, even when they are up and ready to try at 7:00 AM.

Rise of the Resistance
Credit: Disney

Disney has tweaked the popular ride’s virtual queue system several times. When Rise of the Resistance debuted at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Guests were lined up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for hours prior to park opening so that they could try to get a coveted boarding group spot.

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Originally, you could only join a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance if you were physically in the park, but now, with the new virtual boarding queue, you can reserve your spot to join from the comfort of your own home or Disney Resort! 

All you need is a Disney Park Pass reservation to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the day you want to get a boarding pass, and you are eligible to try your luck in securing a spot in line. Although this new change is highly convenient for Guests, it seems that because you do not have to be in park, reservations are going in seconds as soon as the clock strikes 7:00 AM.

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance start of queue
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How hard is it to get a ROTR Boarding Pass?

Thrill Data took to Twitter to mention that, “Rise of the Resistance boarding groups still popular at 7 AM. We captured them lasting around 18 seconds.” This means if you are not up prior to 7:00 AM, you will need to likely wait for round 2 of the virtual queue drop at 2:00 pm.

It is important to note that Disney Parks Blog clarified that Guests who wish to snag a 2 pm boarding pass must be inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park:

Note: Guests must be inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios to access this second virtual queue opportunity, and access to a boarding group is subject to availability and not guaranteed. 

Disney Guest Chris Peterson had a very difficult time this morning getting his Rise of the Resistance Boarding Pass, even with a 7:00 AM wake up call.

Beyond absurd!!!!!! The 7am virtual boarding group was gone in 10 seconds…… I literally refreshed the screen at 7:00:01 and said join. So I clicked join and then all of the passes were gone for the day when I selected myself and my family. This is absolutely awful. F- by Disney. Did anybody else have this problem?

Unfortunately, even after refreshing the screen the second 7:00 am hit, Chris was unsuccessful in obtaining a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Pass. This is likely due to the fact that Guests no longer need to get ready for park open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to secure the pass, so the competition has now grown to basically any Guest who wants to ride the attraction that day.

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Rise of the Resistance Ride Vehicles
Credit: Emille ITM Reporter

Count Disney Designs also shared on Twitter:

Rise of the Resistance boarding groups still go quickly with new 7:00 am virtual queue. All gone in about 30 seconds. #WaltDisneyWorld #HollywoodStudios

This only further confirms that if you want to ride (arguably) the most amazing ride in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Guests must be ready to jump on the opportunity.


You can be successful!

Although it may be more difficult to now secure a Rise of the Resistance pass due the the new virtual queue system, Guests are getting their spot in line.

Christmas Willow was ready to go this morning and was able to snag a ROTR Boarding Pass stating:


It’s definitely possible to get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Pass with the new virtual queue, but the competition and speed in which they disappear have sky rocketed. It you want to ride the attraction, we recommend being ready to refresh your screen before 7:00 am, and if unsuccessful, trying again at 2:00 pm.

May the Force be with you!

Do you like the new Rise of the Resistance virtual queue or did you prefer the old way that required you to be physically present in a Disney Park?

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