The Most Popular SVOD Movie in 2020 Can Be Found on Disney+

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Disney Plus

Credit: Disney

It’s no surprise that the craziness of 2020 has been tough on near every  business — with the exception of streaming services. With so many countries having gone into lockdown and limiting outings, finding that next movie or show to occupy your time became almost like an essential service. And, it looks like Disney+ holds the most watched subscription service movie of 2020.

Disney Plus
Credit: Disney

With Christmas around the corner, there is still time for this massive hit to be dethroned, but it is pretty spectacular to see that Disney+ was able to put out content that shattered records in terms of views in a year where everyone was heavily using streaming services. I mean, they beat Netflix in this category, which is a huge deal for the company since Netflix’s subscriber count is just shy of 200 million and Disney+ is much smaller, just reaching  70 million.

Alright, but we both know you are here to see who the big winner is (so far) this year!

Well it seems the the Founding Father without a father can win more than a Tony Award! Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton took the world by storm and turned it upside down, tying American history, rap, r&b, hip-hop, classical Broadway style show tunes, with a heavily diverse cast, all together to create a piece of art no one was expecting, and that everyone loved .

Hamilton on Broadway
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Hamilton follows the story of Alexander Hamilton, and brings you the most engaging history lesson you have ever experienced. Disney purchased the live recording of the Broadway play with the original cast and announced it would be on Disney+ in 2021. With the original cast no longer starring in their roles for this musical, and Hamilton tickets sitting in the $500.00 range, this was the perfect solution for all of us Hamilton fans who were continuously listening to the soundtrack on Spotify.

Credit: Disney

If the pandemic brought us one thing, it was an early release of Hamilton. Hamilton was meant to debut on Disney+ in 2021, but with so many people having eyes on the platform this year and craving new Disney content, Disney+ decided to release it a year early around Independence Day in the United States.

What’s On Disney Plus reported that,

“According to new data provided to Variety by ScreenEngine/ASI, Disney+ has 8 of the most-watched movies on streaming video-on-demand in 2020 so far. ScreenEngine/ASI surveyed 1,200 U.S. video viewers age 13-64 weekly on which titles they’ve watched in the seven days following their release.

“Mulan” was also one of the biggest movies of the year, despite its “Premier Access” charge of $29, showing that the movie has been successful. The animated movie, “Phineas & Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe” is also the fifth most popular movie of the year so far.

“Stargirl”, “Clouds”, “The One and Only Ivan”, “Artemis Fowl” and “Black Is King” also made the top 30 SVOD movies of the year. At the same time, Disney’s Hulu streaming service has also got 2 titles in the top 30.”

Disney is also shifting it’s focus to the streaming service, so by having a Disney+ film take the reigns on the most streamed movie of 2020, Disney has a great start and footing for their next venture in dominating the SVOD platform.

Hamilton Disney+ Banner
Credit: Disney

So there is still time to dethrone the Hamilton, but in my opinion, everything else is probably ‘Helpless’ which must leave Disney pretty ‘Satisfied’ because they finally got to be in ‘The Room Where It Happens’.

Do you think Hamilton was the best SVOD release of 2020? 


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