Holidays at Magic Kingdom: See Characters in Winter Wear!

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It’s the most magical time of the year in The Most Magical Place on Earth! And now we get to see Mickey Mouse and the gang dressed up in their festive holiday outfits at Magic Kingdom.

If you have ever spent a holiday at Disney World, you likely know the parks, especially Magic Kingdom, is themed to that holiday — and that includes the characters! If we take a look at Halloween, not only were there pumpkins on Main Street U.S.A., but Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pooh, Piglet, and so many more were wearing Halloween costumes all month to celebrate. 

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Lucky for us, even though Halloween is over, that doesn’t mean the fashion show has to end. In fact, we are going to get a big outfit change for the Christmas season! We have been paying attention to all of the best character spots around Magic Kingdom, and now we are able to share all of these new Christmas season looks with you right from the moment you enter Magic Kingdom.

The Train Station

Although it’s not currently running, The Walt Disney World Railroad has a balcony that overlooks Main Street U.S.A. and all of Magic Kingdom. Since reopening, Disney characters have been greeting Guests entering the park over the handrails with Cinderella blowing kisses, Mickey waving at you, and Goofy acting silly — to name a few.

Inside the Magic is here on the first day of the holidays at Disney World, and all of the characters are ringing in the season! From Mickey and Minnie to Alice to Pluto to even seeing rare characters like Gepetto, Magic Kingdom guests are getting a big show this morning.

disney holidays
Credit: TJ Muscaro | ITM

Peter Pan and Wendy are all ready for the cold weather in their winter garb! Peter Pan is sporting a cute red scarf, making him the perfect green and red Christmas colors.

disney holidays
Credit: ITM

Mary Poppins stands next to Pan, greeting Magic Kingdom Guests with holiday cheer!

disney holidays
Credit: ITM

And of course, our favorite Mice, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, are all decked out in their Christmas outfits giving all the Disney Guests a warm and festive welcome with Christmas decorations surrounding them!

disney holidays
Credit: ITM

It seems that all of the characters have a little touch of red, or warmth added to their costumes today to celebrate the first day of the Christmas season at Magic Kingdom!

We also got the chance to see the Disney Princesses make appearances in holiday attire — Including Belle in her beautiful red holiday dress alongside Tiana, Merida, Jasmine, Aurora, the Fairy Godmother, Cinderella and more.

Without character meet and greets going on at Disney World, this has been a great way to see the characters and still feel that Disney magic. Lucky for us, this is a great place to see characters all dressed up for Christmas!


The Character cavalcades that have been touring the Disney parks have been the solution to no parades at Disney World. Although we don’t get to see Festival of Fantasy, we do get frequent character sitings through different vehicles and parade floats, an offering Guests have never experienced before!

We recently found out about the Christmas cavalcades coming to Magic Kingdom, and we are so excited to see what character offerings are available.

Characters at Frontierland

Check out the Country Bears greeting Guests as they walk by Frontierland in their winder red and white striped scarves!

country bears
Credit: ITM
disney holidays
Credit: ITM

Chip and Dale are looking cute as ever in their holiday ear muffs and winter vests!

Credit: ITM

Pinocchio Village Haus

Jiminy Cricket is also out and about today at Magic Kingdom at Pinocchio Village Haus.

Credit: ITM

It is super exciting to see Christmas hit Magic Kingdom, with Cinderella Castle still decorated, and Disney characters spreading holiday cheer. The holidays may look different this year at Disney, but that just means it’s a new experience.

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Are you going to be at Disney World over the holidays?

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