Disney CTO Explains the Connected Future of Disney Parks

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Disney Parks Executive Vice President, Digital, and Chief Technical Officer, Tilak Mandadi shared a glimpse about the digital future that is in store for Disney parks experiences at this year’s IAAPA expo.

Mandadi explains that Disney Parks, Experiences, and Product is creating what he calls the “Theme Park Metaverse” which will provide a whole new level of immersive storytelling and personalization.
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Credit: Disney
He wrote:

As we look to the future, connected park experiences that transcend the physical and digital barrier and unlock new layers of storytelling are a very exciting focus of ours. I call this concept the “theme park metaverse” – this is where physical and digital worlds converge, with wearables, smartphones and digital access points immersing the guests in the metaverse experiences. These experiences are perennial, and the guest engagement is inside and outside the parks. They are unique to you, but are also social and connected. They are constantly changing so there is always something new to discover.

The metaverse experiences are driven by technologies like computer vision, natural language understanding, AR, AI, and IoT – technologies that, while enabling the experiences, never get in the way of the experience itself.

We’re looking forward to bringing more of these experiences to our guests in the months and years to come – in our parks, at our hotels, on our cruise ships and extending into guests’ homes. There’s no doubt this has been a challenging year, but as I look ahead – a brighter, more connected future is just around the corner. See you all at one of our parks soon!

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Mandadi also announced that Disney Parks look to extend the digital park experience beyond the physical boundaries of the theme parks, stating:

“With digital, this magical experience is no longer completely limited to what we call inside-the-berm. Extending the magic of Disney parks to home is now a really exciting possibility.”

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We wait with bated breath for more concrete information and new technologies to be released.

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