College Students Perfectly Recreate Disney’s ‘Cars’ Land in Minecraft

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Credit: Disney/Disneyland Minecraft Server

2020 has been the year of having more time on your hands. Whether that meant spending more time with your family or making viral social media trends, people all over the world have been using their time at home to create some fantastic things!

Shows like The Mandalorian have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few months, and video games have never been more in-demand as people look for ways to entertain themselves without leaving the house. College students, in particular, are adapting to the changing times and learning remotely online. While some are making TikTok videos, others are using this free time to tap into creative outlets.

Nicholas Cappelloni, Connor Hallasch, Nick Creider, and Sean Gause run one of the most detailed Disneyland servers on the popular video game Minecraft, with over 150,000 visitors to date. Since high school, he and a few friends have worked on virtually recreating the Disneyland Resort, allowing people all over the world to visit “The Happiest Place on Earth” for free!

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cappelloni and company have unveiled their “largest, most detailed, and most ambitious” project they’ve ever taken on: Disney California Adventure’s Cars Land! You can check out their insane YouTube video below:

To play in the magic, visit their Minecraft Server:

Keep in mind, all of their Disneyland Resort is hand-built and required countless hours of planning, design, and execution. They spared no expense — figuratively — in perfectly recreating Pixar’s Radiator Springs. In real-life and in this Minecraft rendition, the crown jewel of the land is Radiator Springs Racers! Minecraft users can actually ride the attraction in the virtual version.

Radiator Springs Racers in Minecraft
Credit: Mouskegamer

Though Disneyland has remained closed since March 2020, the ImagineFun team of devoted Disney fans is certainly putting a smile on the faces of fans who are missing both California theme parks. Their recreation of Cars Land is the spitting image of the actual land that Walt Disney Imagineering took over a decade to create. Nicholas and his team did it in only a few months!

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You can check out screenshots of Disney California Adventure and Cars Land in Minecraft below:

Cars Land
Credit: Mouskegamer
Cars Land
Credit: Mouskegamer

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The amount of detail and realism in their Minecraft Disneyland Resort server is fantastic. It looks just like you’re walking through Disney California Adventure!

We cannot wait to see what the Imagine Fun team create next! Congratulations to these creative geniuses!

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