‘Baby Yoda’ Calls Out Baby Groot on SNL

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Credit: Marvel/SNL (inset)

Last year, Saturday Night Live featured The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda (played by Kyle Mooney) for the first time just after the hit Star Wars show debuted on Disney+.

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Credit: Saturday Night Live

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Now, the week after The Mandalorian Season 2 premiered on the streaming service, Mooney’s Baby Yoda returned over the weekend — and this time, he threatened the very life of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise’s Baby Groot.

ComicBook.com reported these details about the amusing ongoing battle between Baby Yoda and Baby Groot on Saturday Night Live, writing:

…[turned his attention to] Baby Groot, threatening to kill the tree-like alien of the Marvel Cinematic Universe if he keeps Yoda’s his name.

Much like the same sketch last year, Baby Yoda’s cameo then ends with him threatening the very life of Baby Groot as Disney’s battle for the cutest character continues on.

In this year’s cameo, Mooney’s Baby Yoda did an interview with Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che.

Baby Yoda

Some fans on Twitter loved the reappearance of the SNL Baby Yoda.

@melly81883 wrote, “@nbcsnl baby Yoda cured my depression.”

@roshtxgirl has a suggestion for The Child’s next SNL appearance, sharing, “@nbcsnl at some point Baby Groot has to show up to respond to Baby Yoda’s disses! #babyyoda #babygroot

Other social media users, however, could do without ever seeing the comedian’s portrayal of this character ever again.

@KingDooker posted, “Can we never get Kyle Mooney as Baby Yoda again, thatd [sic] be great? #SNL”

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There is no word on whether or not Baby Groot will ever actually show-up to do an SNL segment alongside the show’s Baby Yoda character — who is arguably less adorable than The Child in The Mandalorian — but with Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in the works, it would definitely be great promotional material for Marvel Studios to consider.

Watch the full segment on SNL’s YouTube Channel:

What do you think about SNL’s Baby Yoda? Do you love him or hate him? 

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