Action Camera Spotted at Disneyland: Holiday Filming or Buena Vista Ad?

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buena vista street reopening

Credit: Disney

The Disneyland Resort is just days away from reopening a small piece of the resort to Guests. DCA’s Buena Vista Street will reopen to offer select dining, retail, and holiday happenings.

dca holiday happenings
Credit: Disney

Guests have started to notice that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas just beyond the Disney California Adventure gates. Surprisingly, Guests even pointed out holiday decorations beyond Disneyland Park’s gates as well. This lead to wild speculation of maybe the resort possibly reopening Main Street.

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Unfortunately, rumors of a possible section of  Disneyland reopening this year were quickly debunked. The spotted decorations were set up for filming. They were most likely for the filming of Disney’s annual holiday special. We only know when the special finally airs on Christmas Day.

sleeping beauty castle holiday at disneyland
Credit: Disney

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Now, thanks to our friends at FreshBaked, more filming has been spotted. Action cameras were spotted in the Downtown Disney District. It seems from the vantage point, that the camera is facing into Disney California Adventure. This could possibly be for more filming of the holiday special, of course. Or, it could be for some sort of promotional ad for the Buena Vista Street reopening.

action camera spotted in disneyland
Credit: FreshBaked

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what is disneyland filming with this action camera?
Credit: FreshBaked

We reported a while ago that the holiday special will be reimagined with a little Disney magic and different than years past. So, Disney could be using the opportunity of these empty parks to get some good footage of the resort.

With the ongoing global pandemic and with both Disneyland Resort parks being closed, for the most part, it’s no wonder that filming would have to take place in a unique manner. This filming method would provide some great footage and also maintain crew safety as well.

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