VIDEO: Hacksmith Industries Built a REAL Lightsaber

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4000 degree real lightsaber header

Credit: Hacksmith Industries

It’s really happened, y’all. Someone built a REAL lightsaber from Star Wars. It is made of plasma and not only retracts but can cut through steel.

The Hacksmith Industries team has been experimenting for years to create a lightsaber, as close to the real thing as possible, and they are more than one step closer. Their latest creation is portable, casts impressive visuals, and can burn through a steel door. And it looks cool, too…

real lightsaber using plasma
Credit: Hacksmith Industries

Hacksmith Built a REAL Lightsaber that Retracts

The Hacksmith team designed and built a steampunk style real lightsaber that uses two fuel sources (mounted on a backpack because let’s face it, Jedi/Sith Kyber Crystal entities aren’t real) and will MELT TITANIUM almost instantly. Burning at about 4000°, the steampunk lightsaber is impressive. Below, Star Wars fans can find a video on how they built the science fiction technology that actually retracts.

kylo ren lightsaver prototype
Credit: The Hacksmith

The Hacksmith (Hacksmith Industries) YouTube Channel presented a video this week showcasing their adventure to continue working on technology that will enable them to build a lightsaber. After initial experiments considering a red hot titanium rod, deadly (truly dangerous!) lightsaber battles, and a real burning (pro) saber (seen above), the shop upgraded their equipment with metal lathes and custom computer boards to enable the next steps. This time, a plasma blade is shot out combining fuels to a pre-programmed amount.

The video below shows The Hacksmith’s creative journey from conception to creation to the execution of the iconic weapon. The advantage of a steampunk aesthetic is that we get to see the “guts” of the saber pack, as well as see how the fuel lines run but are pleased with the end visual. Here’s a look at not only the backside of the lightsaber pack but also the lightsaber hilt in still-frame. Listen carefully… the sound effect isn’t always needed…. the weapon tends to sound like the real thing!

Real lightsaber, steam punk style finished product
Credit: Hacksmith Industries
steampunk real lightsaber handle
Credit: Hacksmith Industries

The lightsaber retracts with the use of propane and oxygen fuel in a perfect stream, controlled and proportioned by the computer in the backpack. The user taps a button on the hilt, causing the 4000° set-length blade to extend. Just watch those around you… this is not pretend!!

real lightsaber pack
Credit: Hacksmith Industries

HackSmith Lightsaber Build Video

The Hacksmith team also tests out ways to change the color of the lightsaber blade. As it is, the blade burns blue because of the propane power source. Using basic chemicals, they can change the working lightsaber stream color while burning them in the stream to green, amber, red and true yellow. We’re still waiting on that gorgeous purple color!

chemical changes to color a real lighsaber
Credit: Hacksmith Industries

The Plasma Lightsaber Put to the Test

The test video of the Hacksmith team cutting through a steel door goes live on October 14th, 2020. Only members of the page have access prior to that date. On 10/14, this video will go live and we’ll be able to watch the steel door melt at the hands of the real-life lightsaber.

Build Your Own Lightsaber

Ready to build your own lightsaber? While you shouldn’t try anything at home that you’ve watched The Hacksmith do, there are a few ways to plan an epic battle at your home. First, you can try to build a lightsaber out of a pool noodle for plenty of blade-to-blade combat indoors and outdoors for the whole family. Second, you can call up Academy Travel to plan a visit to Star Wars Land, where you can build your own lightsaber at Savvi’s Workshop, and even try this hack to change the blade color.

Do you love that this science fiction technology has been made real? Leave us a comment below!

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