Gift Your Princess a GIANT Disney Dollhouse This Holiday Season

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A Girl showing a Giant Doll House (Left) Giant Dollhouse Focused (Right)

It’s looking quite royal out here! KidKraft released a new FOUR FOOT Princess Barbie-like Disney Dollhouse just in time for the holiday season.

The castle towers over your heroine (or hero) showcasing a wallpapered interior paying tribute to the entire Disney Princess lineup and offers her Disney Princess dolls (as well as visiting Barbies) a place to stay, eat and play dress up. Check out the details on this wonderful gift idea!

giant Disney princess barbie dreamhouse
Credit: KidKraft

Disney Princess Dollhouse

Disney has really revamped it’s Princess line since the 1990s, showing that girls can be empowered, creative, kind, curious, adventurers and intelligent readers! The lineup has been shown now to influence girls (and boys) in positive ways and empower them all! Moana is a top contender according to surveys for a positive role model! At what age did you start to recognize positive characteristics in animated characters?

The KidKraft Disney Dollhouse Dance & Dream Castle (which you can check out here) royally stands at 4ft tall and lets a doll dress up in their finest attire to twirl the night away on a rooftop patio to 3 dreamy songs and explore 8 Disney Princess themed rooms throughout the castle. It’s now available online at such retailers like Amazon (where it ships free with Amazon Prime) for a price of $199.99.

The listing describes the Dance & Dream Castle with the caption:

Oh my! An invitation to the ball! How exciting! Precious KidKraft Disney Princess Dance & Dream Castle lets dolls dress up in their finest attire and then dance the night away on the rooftop. Press the tiara button to play three dreamy songs and watch princesses twirl around to the music. The unique design provides storage for jewelry and accessories on the front façade. Inside you’ll find regal furniture ready for royal stories.

four foot tall disney princess house
Credit: KidKraft

What’s neat about opening up this Disney dollhouse is the sound! The interior mechanisms not only play music on the elegant rooftop balcony but when it’s time for play, a magical harp sounds when your little kid creator opens the door.

Likewise, when playtime is over, parents can close the doors enclosing all the action figures inside with the furniture. It’s an easy cleanup. Is your little Disney princess fan playing dress up along with their toys? The doll house balconies on the exterior are creatively themed to capture jewelry or scarves in the crown points to drape the Castle in extra fun.

disney princess dollhouse
Credit: KidKraft

Included with the KidKraft Disney Princess Dance & Dream Castle

Included with the KidKraft Disney Princess Dance & Dream Castle is twenty royal furniture pieces like a bed fit for Princess Aurora, a dining set for Tiana, a dressing wardrobe set for Cinderella, and a bathtub for Ariel’s mermaid fins! Step down the staircase in front of the grand clock to the music room, where you’ll find a baby grand piano to practice your music lessons.

Peek at the wallpaper lining each room, and you’ll see Ray buzzing around the cakes, Flounder and Sebastian in the bathroom, and Cogsworth in the library. Even Lucifer has a spot on the couch! Everyone’s favorite fairytale is included in the small details, leading to exciting play.

disney barbie furniture
Credit: KidKraft

When your dolls are ready for the ball, step up to the rooftop where there are places for four dolls to stand and dance the night away. The center front golden button plays the three songs for entertainment. The Disney KidKraft dollhouse even has tiny steps for the Princess dolls to make their way up, and hopefully not lose a beautiful glass slipper on the way down!

princess dollhouse
Credit: KidKraft

Would your Heroine or Hero enjoy playing house in this elaborate four foot tall KidKraft Disney Princess Dance & Dream Castle? Leave us a comment below about who you might buy this playset for!

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