Plastic Dividers Installed on Disneyland Paris Railroad

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Disneyland Paris, which began its phased reopening on July 15, has added a new health and safety measure to its version of the Disneyland Railroad.

According to Twitter user @InsideDlpCastle, plastic sheeting has been hung between each compartment on the Disneyland Railroad cars. The caption reads simply:

Plastics were installed between each compartment of the Disneyland Railroad #DisneylandParis #DLPLIVE

The photos that accompany the post show large plastic sheets, similar to clear shower curtains, hanging between each section on the Disneyland Paris train cars.

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Credit: Twitter @InsideDlpCastle

This photo gives a full view of the new plastic protectors. It appears that plexiglass was not added to the train cars before reopening, so this new plastic sheeting is undoubtedly designed to fully separate vacation parties, minimizing the potential spread of the pandemic.

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Credit: Twitter @InsideDlpCastle

In this photo, @InsideDlpCastle shows how high the plastic sheeting is hung (plus, it lets viewers see how gorgeous the interior of this Disneyland Railroad’s train car is!)

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Credit: Twitter @InsideDlpCastle

This final picture provides a close-up view of how the plastic sheeting has been hung by Disneyland Paris Cast Members.

What does this new precaution mean for U.S. Disney Parks?

Walt Disney’s love of trains is well-documented and every Disney theme park in the world, with the notable exception of Shanghai Disneyland, has a railroad attraction. At this time, both the Walt Disney World Railroad and the Disneyland Railroad remain closed.

Disney World’s railroad ride is currently undergoing refurbishment, while Disneyland Resort has not yet been allowed to reopen.

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Credit: Disney

This new safety precaution at Disneyland Paris could be an indicator of how Walt Disney Company theme park executives will deal with the railroads at both WDW and DLR when they reopen. At this time, many Walt Disney World Resort rides, including The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, have had plexiglass dividers added for Guests’ protection.

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The Disneyland Railroad at Disneyland Paris is the first Disney Parks attraction we’ve seen use plastic sheeting in lieu of plexiglass.

What are your thoughts on the plastic sheeting being used to divide Guests on the Disneyland Paris Railroad?

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