VIDEO: Olaf Animatronic Looks Possessed On ‘Frozen Ever After’

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Olaf and Elsa

Happy October 1st from Olaf to you! It seems our sweet clumsy Frozen snowman turned into a possessed creature yesterday and it gave us all the spooky feels. Frozen Ever After is the Frozen based ride at EPCOT. You can catch this highly popular attraction in the Norway Pavilion, along with Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe and Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Frozen Ever After took over the original boat ride in the Norway pavilion at EPCOT, Maelstrom.

Frozen Ever After
Credit: Disney

On Frozen Ever After you can relive the original story of Frozen and travel along with Anna and Elsa as they discover Elsa’s powers, meet Kristoff, create Olaf, and defeat Hans! The attraction boasts long wait times as many Disney Guests want to ride this attraction. You get to hear your favorite Frozen songs like ‘Let It Go’ and see some amazing life-like animatronics. Typically, this Disney attraction is a fantastic experience for the whole family!

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Credit: Disney

But like any good animatronic attraction, sometimes things can get a little wonky. When you board your Nordic boat to venture out into Frozen Ever After, one of the first animatronics you will be greeted by is Olaf. He typically greets “you, and you. and you” and let’s you know he will “see you there” while your boat moves into the world of Frozen.  Yesterday, Olaf’s eyes look like they were being taken over by something scary, or like his eyes were a slot machine at the casino. Whatever he was doing, he sure was letting it go.

Thanks to Michael Scott Bachman you can look see for yourself just how crazy Olaf was!

Even some of the best technology filled animatronics are bound to break at some point, and it seems like Olaf was just a little over-stimulated yesterday.

If you want to see what what Olaf should look like on Frozen Ever After, check out Inside The Magic’s full POV of the attraction on our Youtube page. You can relive the Frozen magic with Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven whenever you would like!

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Have you ever seen Olaf breakdown? Let us know below! 

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