Four Part at Home Imagineering Series for Haunted Mansion Fans

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Disney Paper Parks

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney Parks Blog announced today it will be launching a four-part series called ‘Paper Parks’. This series is in collaboration with Disney Imagineers and was created to help bring the Disney Parks into your home. The fun attraction-based project focuses on Halloween and the iconic Haunted Mansion ride.

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Haunted Mansion
Credit: Disney

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Here is what Disney Parks Blog had to say about this new DIY activity for the whole family:

Disney Parks Blog is launching a new, four-part series of Disney Paper Parks inspired by Halloween and the Haunted Mansion! The printable activity sheets help guests bring a piece of the Disney Parks into your own homes, complete with instructions about how to create 3D versions of some of your favorite aspects of Disney Parks.

Today’s part-one release includes Haunted Mansion home decorations! Bring the macabre style of the Haunted Mansion into your home by printing out and crafting these spooky decorations that appeal to a variety of ages and skills. From the bats atop the queue stanchions to paper chains inspired by the Haunted Mansion’s wallpaper, the finishes will set the mood of the mansion in your home.

You also can use this release to transform your home with the spirits of the mansion using grinning ghosts shadow puppets! Just as the Haunted Mansion is filled with illusions, the shadow puppets include rotating hand shadows, the Hitchhiking Ghosts, the Hatbox Ghost, and more (there’s always room for one more).

There are other fun surprises in the activity sheets, as well. The sheets were created for the Disney Parks Blog by talented Imagineers Stephanie Jazmines and Amy Young, and require the use of scissors, glue and folding along dotted lines in specific directions.

For best results, we recommend printing the sheets at their actual size, not scaling them to fit the page. We also recommend adult participation or supervision for those with little ones to help make this great activity even more enjoyable. Have fun and stay tuned for more Disney Paper Parks: Halloween Edition activity sheets!

haunted mansion holiday
Credit: Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

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We love this at-home Disney activity idea and cannot wait to try it out ourselves!

Will you be participating in this Haunted Mansion ‘Paper Parks’ activity? Let us know in the comments!

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