Disneyland-Area Hotels Help Locals Amid Wildfires

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Credit: The Anaheim Hotel

As wildfire season continues, there’s still magic in the air. Disneyland-area hotels are coming together as a beacon of hope amid the destruction, providing significantly reduced rates for those in Orange County who are having to evacuate their homes.

The Silverado Fire in Orange County has burned nearly 12,000 acres, as of this article’s publication. Although the fire is located in the same county as the Disneyland Resort and has affected the air quality of the surrounding area, Anaheim is not in an evacuation zone and can provide safe haven for those having to leave their homes.

disneyland good neighbor hotel
Credit: Grand Legacy

Visit Anaheim shared with Inside the Magic that several Anaheim hotels are offering discounted rates for those who have been affected by the ongoing wildfires in Orange County. Many of these hotels are in the Disneyland Resort area, only a short walk from the now-open Downtown Disney, and are considered Good Neighbor hotels.

Even as Anaheim is experiencing immense losses due to the closure of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, the hotels are willing to help out those in need by providing low rates for evacuees.

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The Visit Anaheim website states:

The following hotels are offering discounted room rates to Orange County residents who are currently being impacted by the wildfires. Please click or call any of the following properties for more information.

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Credit: Visit Anaheim

If you need a place to stay because you are evacuating due to wildfires in your area, click here to visit the Visit Anaheim website for more information.

A few months back, we shared when Disney Springs hotels were opening their doors to essential workers who needed a place to stay amid the pandemic. These hotels are often go-to spots for travelers on Walt Disney World Resort vacations, but even when the parks were closed, they welcomed essential workers and provided a safe haven at a significantly discounted price. Likewise, across the country at the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim hotels are offering the same: a place to stay for those in need, as Disneyland and Disney California Adventure remain closed.

As a reminder, if you live in Orange County and need to seek refuge during this time, know that the Disneyland-area hotels are available. Click here for more information. 

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