OpEd: Disney Needs To Bring Vacation Planning DVD’s To Disney+

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Do you remember the days when you were about to go on your Walt Disney World vacation, and then you received the ever-so-magical Disney vacation DVD. The Walt Disney World vacation planning DVD was one of the things that made me so excited as a kid when I was about to go on my Disney family vacations. And if you think it was only exciting as a kid, let me tell you, it is even more exciting as an adult!

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Planning a Disney vacation, for me, and I am sure many of you, is one of the best things about visiting any Disney park. In my case, growing-up, it was always Disney World. Getting the Disney planning DVD gave you a glimpse into what your vacation was going to look like, and also showed you how many options there were. You could see the latest attraction at Magic Kingdom, the food at Disney Springs! Or, if we are talking classic Disney planning DVDs — the best food at Downtown Disney.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane to see what I am talking about, check out this Walt Disney World vacation planning DVD from 2009!

All of a sudden, you began to learn about all of these things, like FastPass+ or Extra Magic Hours, that you didn’t necessarily know about before. Listening to the magical instrumental and watching Goofy hug a little girl who runs at him with a Mickey balloon in always hand made me wish I was about to board the plane right then and there. And, it’s that excitement of discovering new things at Disney that makes Guests want to rebook (over and over again, in some cases!)

Unfortunately, Disney no longer sends out those DVDs before your Disney vacation. You’ll get a welcome booklet if you are staying at a Disney Resort that will be personalized to your resort with your name on it, but it does not top the magical experience of watching your vacation unfold before you even arrive. The closest thing we can get to the Walt Disney vacation planning DVD is the Walt Disney World Today channel, which is very magical in itself, but you can only listen to it when you are on vacation.

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Well, Disney, what if we brought all of this magic back?

So, I don’t think Disney should start mailing out DVDs — I don’t even have a DVD player anymore. But, I do think that the ability to watch a vacation planning DVD curated by Disney, or watch Must Do Disney With Stacey should be given to Guests prior to their stay like the good ol’ days. Disney+ is the perfect platform.

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Ok, Disney, hear me out. Disney+ is a highly successful streaming service, and it’s one that has already introduced tiered systems to watch specific movies with extra payment such as Mulan. What if, when you booked your next Disney vacation, you received an email with a special Disney+ code for you and your party that gave you access to a Disney vacation planning section of Disney+. This would give you access to any Disney vacation planning “DVD” for that year, as well as access to Walt Disney World Today where you can hear Disney instrumentals, watch park hours pass by, listen to Stacey’s favorite Disney must-do’s, and see the latest offerings around the parks. This would be valid on Disney+ until your trip comes to an end, and then the code would no longer work until you are planning to return.

Why should Disney do this?

As the perfect consumer for this model, I would happily have a Disney+ subscription if it meant I could watch any vacation planning DVD, plus I would be even more excited to have access to the Walt Disney World Today channel. I play loops of the station on YouTube daily, but seeing that it is February 28 on the screen when it’s mid-October is a reminder that I am not actually at Disney. If the station was on Disney+, I could watch it in real time with Guests. Plus the moment the vacation is over, Guests are often dying to keep the magic alive, and having the ability to plan another vacation to regain access to the magic you had on your TV at your Disney resort is a perfect solution.

So Disney, from my nostalgic 25-year-old self to you, please find a way to bring the magic of the Disney Parks to Disney+!

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Want to plan your next vacation?

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What do you think? Should Disney find a way to introduce vacation planning videos to Disney+? 

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