Bulldog Puppy Was Born With a ‘Hidden Mickey’!

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Hidden Mickey dog

It is known to Disney fans and lovers that Disney animations have little hidden Easter eggs throughout each film. In the movie Aladdin, you can find the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) and Sebastian (The Little Mermaid); in Princess and the Frog you can find Aladdin’s magic carpet; in Hercules, you can find Scar (Lion King); and during King Triton’s entry at his daughters’ show in The Little Mermaid, you can find Mickey, Goofy, and Donald.

Mive \'Aladdin\' Scene
Credit: Disney
\'The Little Mermaid\' Movie Scene
Credit: Disney

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These are all fun little surprises placed inside our favorite animations. But the Disney animation team does not stop there — they also place hidden Mickeys all over the animated films. The silhouette head shaped Mickey is not only hidden in the Disney animations, but all over the Disney Parks and Resorts too.

But maybe Disney has gone too far by placing a hidden Mickey on a puppy?! Ok, that is not true at all! But a puppy in Riverside, California was actually born with a hidden mickey!

The bulldog puppy named Minnie Mouse has a huge mickey head shaped spot on her lower back.

bulldog Minnie
Credit: Photo by Donal Hawecker / Shown on ABC7 NY

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According to the ABC 7, Minnie’s owner, Donal Hawecker, noticed the shape of the spot, took some photos and decided to post them online.

bulldog Minnie
Credit: Photo by Donal Hawecker / Shown on ABC7 NY

“I went to a Mickey Mouse fan club and I put the picture of her on there and put her in different positions around the room and I asked, ‘Can you help me find my Minnie Mouse? I seem to have lost her.’ And just make it so the kids can play with it and stuff like that. And then I put her all around the room and took pictures and put it all together and said I think I got a mouse problem,” said Hawecker.

bulldog Minnie
Credit: ABC7 NY

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Apparently, Hawecker was offered “big bucks” for Minnie, but he decided to give her to his mom!

This is the cutest hidden Mickey story, right?

How cute is Minnie the bulldog? Let us know in the comments below. 

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