Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian Voicework Features Him Cuddling a Pillow

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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

What’s an actor to do when there’s no real Baby Yoda? While doing voicework for The Mandalorian (we’re obsessed with the news of the October season 2 premiere!) Pedro Pascal is using some unconventional techniques to put himself directly into the scene. A Twitter user found a photo of Pascal working at the microphone, and while that may not seem unusual, the image is quite endearing when you examine what’s going on!

pedro pascal as the mandalorian
Left, by Helen Sloan/HBO; right, courtesy of Lucasfilm – Vanity Fair

Pedro Pascal Mandalorian Voicework

This adorable instance is no stranger to the voice-over world. Actors and actresses typically act larger than life at the microphone, dancing, stretching, or even chewing to give the best sound to their character’s voices. Photos of Pat Carroll, the voice of Ursula, shows her face stretching and volume booming as she gave our favorite villain her due. Check out her hands, neck, and jaw totally engaged in the scene below.

pat carroll recording ursula
Credit: Reddit

Twitter user @Rachael_Conrad, known as Nerd Girl, shared this photo a few months ago, but it’s been hopping across our feed and we’re enchanted with Pedro Pascal’s protective nature. Below, view the tweeted photo that shows Pedro Pascal voicing a scene for the first season of The Mandalorian, cuddling a pillow. This pillow is taking the place of The Child, commonly known as Baby Yoda. Nerd Girl captions the photo, “May this picture of Pedro Pascal holding a pillow in place of baby Yoda while doing voice work for The Mandalorian be a blessing upon your twitter feed.” Another user photoshopped Baby Yoda into his hands, but the lack of scale is also causing us to giggle.

How sweet is this? We already know The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) has a soft spot for this bundle of bounty, toting him across the galaxy as he continues his missions. But to see Pascal protecting this fluffy pillow while in-studio (in no danger whatsoever), just melts our heart. May it be a “blessing upon your twitter feed…” now and forever. Find Season two of The Mandalorian streaming on Disney+ this October 2020. There’s also a bounty of  The Child merchandise to shop for while you prep your viewing experience.

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