Hurry Up! ‘Mulan’ Limited Release Face Masks on shopDisney

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Today is the so long awaited day for Disney fans that have patiently been waiting for the release of Mulan’s live-action movie. It is finally available on Disney+!

mulan 2020
Credit: Disney

The release of Disney’s new live-action movie on Disney plus is a big deal, beside it being a very awaited live action, it is also the first individually paid movie on Disney+. Meaning for you to watch the new Mulan movie today, it will cost you $30.00.

Or, you can wait to watch the Mulan live-action film in December when Disney will be releasing it free of charge on Disney+.

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With the release of the new Disney live action, shopDisney also released a new set of Disney cloth face masks. The set is inspired on the live-action movie, and they are amazing.

Mulan face mask
Credit: shopDisney

One of the masks looks like it was inspired by a poster movie or something like that. It is clean and a stunning work of art. It featured Mulan galloping her horse to save China from the Hans, which the title ‘Mulan’ beside her.

Mulan face mask
Credit: shopDisney

The other face mask on the set seems to have a comic book vibe to it. It features Mulan in different battle positions in a comic book style with the orange and blue squares serving as backgrounds to the character’s positions.

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The set is being sold at shopDisney for $11.99, and you can pre-order yours here.

The Disney Mulan face mask set is being sold in youth small and medium sizes, as well as adult large and extra large. If you are not sure what size is right for you, take a look at the size chart bellow that shopDisney has made:

Credit: shopDisney

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Hurry up! These are limited-release Mulan face masks. Guarantee yours before the Hans steal them all!

Which Mulan live-action face mask is you favorite? Let us know in the comments bellow. 

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